Report of Inspiring Leadership Reflection Interactive Series with Wamban Dutse, Alhaji Mustapha Aminu

On Thursday the 30th of January, 2020 the Centre for Information Technology and Development (CITAD) held its first edition of 2020 Inspiring Leadership Reflection Interactive Series (ILERIS) in its Dutse office, Jigawa state which comes every two months in the state. The event is an initiative of CITAD aimed at enriching the lives of young people through mentorship and inspiration. Accomplished personalities from different backgrounds and professions are invited to speak to the participating youths about their lives, challenges, obstacles, successes, careers etc. with a viewing to unpacking some hints for the participating youths to copy and apply in order for them to also succeed in their endeavors.

It can be recalled that CITAD had last year invited Hajiya Hadiza Abdulwahab, Former Commissioner and former Permanent Secretary, Jigawa state, Professor Amina Bashir, Dean Postgraduate Schools, Federal University Dutse and Hajiya Fatima Widi Jallo who is also a former Commissioner ministry of Women Affairs, Jigawa. In this month edition the Centre hosted Alhaji Mustapha Aminu, mni Wambai of Dutse and former Head of Service, Jigawa state. Alhaji Mustapha who many described as an absolute reformer, technocrat, simple and jovial was the person responsible for reforming the Jigawa state Civil Service when he was the Head of Service in the state, a position he held for 8 years until the time of his retirement.

Wambai of Dutse who was born in Yola in the old Kano state did his Primary and Secondary schools in Yola from there he proceeded to Bayero University, Kano where he read Political Science. Speaking about his academic performance, Wambai mentioned that during his Primary Education he was the top of his class from form 1 to form 7 while in secondary school, it was either first, second or third positions throughout. Wambai was also the best graduating student of Political Science during his undergraduate studies. Explaining the journey of his civil service, Alhaji Mustapha stated that he started as a grade level 07 in the old Kano state before the creation of Jigawa state. He was an Admin Officer, Assistant Director, Deputy Director, Director then to Permanent Secretary Council Affairs and Government House. Alhaji Mustapha was also at one time Clerk of the Jigawa State House of Assembly before he roused to the position of the state’s Head of Service.

Alhaji Mustapha Aminu is a very simple and jovial person who believes that simplicity is one of the components of success in life. Advising the audience about the importance of simplicity in life, he said that if you are simple people you will do things to you that you never expected from them. He also stated that patience is the key to success in life, in whatever you do you need to be patient because there are things that do not come easily and as quick as we want them. He went further to discuss about the importance of education in life where he stated that whatever you want do in this life you need education. Emphasizing about the importance of education, he mentioned that women education is the key to any societal development because any society that its women are not educated that society will never progress. He advised that men especially in Northern Nigeria should support and encourage their women in the area of entrepreneurship and education as that is the only way they will liberate them from poverty. Citing an example with his mother, the guest said his mother used to shouldered many responsibilities in their family while they were growing up because she was an entrepreneur. Speaking about school unionism, Wambai said the students then were very organized, focus, fearless and have the country in their hearts while nowadays the students have turn to political dogs going from one office to another collecting money from politicians.

Discussing about his achievements especially when he was the Head of Service. Wambai said some of the legacy he left is the reformation of the Jigawa State’s Civil Service, the introduction of e-payment in the state which is the first in the country and most importantly its includes State House of Assembly Members and Judiciary even when they fought very hard not be included.

While talking about life’s challenges, Wambai mentioned that there is no life no matter how good it is that doesn’t have challenges. Narrating his experiences, Alhaji Mustapha mentioned that he used to trek from their house in Gwangwazo to BUK which is more than seven kilometers and he encountered many obstacles while reforming the civil service in the state from different angles.

Closing the session, the former head of service cautioned the youth to avoid money politics and laziness. He encouraged the youth to imbibe reading culture, to be resilience, hardworking and prayerful. He also called on government, wealthy individuals in the society to initiate more mentorship programs just like the one CITAD is doing.

Speaking at the event, the Executive Director of CITAD, who was represented by the Centre’s Senior Program Officer, Malam Isah Garba said that CITAD has been organizing this kind of lectures for long in its offices of Kano, Jigawa and Jama’are and the initiative comes as a result of Political Economy Analysis done by CITAD in Northern Nigeria and found out that majority of the youths are lacking in this area which made many of them to become redundant even after graduation. So, the essence is to create employers of labor, wealth creators, and entrepreneurs and have a knowledge driven youth society.

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