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Track It Down: CITAD’s “Geolocation Model Project” Enhances Asset Security

The Centre for Information Technology and Development (CITAD) unveiled its innovative “Geolocation Model Project” on Monday, promising to revolutionize agricultural operations and asset management.

This groundbreaking technology utilizes geolocation to empower farmers and agricultural businesses, according to Engr. Y.Z Ya’u, CITAD’s Executive Director, during a media presentation at the organization’s Creativity Lab in Kano.

“This innovation allows for live tracking and management of assets, minimizing the impact of theft or misplacement,” Engr. Ya’u explained.

“For instance, a sensor can be attached to cattle, providing real-time location data in case of cattle rustling. Similarly, it can be used to track stolen vehicles, allowing for swift recovery with the help of security personnel.”

The project’s lead developer, Engr. Musa Chadi, highlighted the crucial role of the “Internet of Things (IoT)” in this innovation.

“IoT empowers us to leverage technology for better understanding of everyday objects like doors, air conditioners, and water control systems,” Engr. Chadi said. “By using IoT, we achieve accurate asset location with lower bandwidth requirements, resulting in reduced costs compared to traditional mobile technology.”

Chadi elaborated on the project’s two key functionalities: remote water management and real-time asset tracking.

“This feature allows for wireless control and monitoring of water distribution, optimizing irrigation and ensuring efficient fertilizer application across farms,” Chadi explained regarding remote water management.

“Regardless of location, users can pinpoint the exact location of their assets, enhancing security and minimizing loss,” he added, referring to real-time asset tracking.

Looking beyond agriculture and asset tracking, Engr. Chadi noted the project’s potential for security agencies. “This innovation can be a valuable tool for security agencies in combating national security threats,” he concluded.

CITAD’s “Geolocation Model Project” presents a significant leap forward in agricultural management and asset security. By leveraging IoT technology, this innovation empowers stakeholders, paving the way for a more secure and efficient future.

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