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The Bauchi 2nd Annual ICT Quiz

The Bauchi 2nd Annual ICT Quiz was successfully conducted on Wednesday 28th, September 2011 at Government Girls Secondary School Azare, Bauchi. The ICT competition witnessed the attendance of Dr. Shehu Mahdi, Magajin Garin Katagun who chaired the occasion and Alhaji  Salisu Muhammad, Director Statistics, Information and communication Technology (ICT) who represented the Honourable commissioner  Ministry of Education Bauchi State and many other Senior Secondary Schools representatives.


Certificate presentation Prize giving to the winners
Cross section of the Teachers, Students and Guest


Thirteen senior secondary Schools from all part ofBauchiStateparticipated in the quiz and battled to emerge as winners of the prestigious ICT competition.


Dr. Shehu Mahdi, the Chairman of the occasion expressed his satisfaction for the organisers of the quiz and thanked them for their effort towards promoting ICT knowledge in the nation. Magajin Garin Katagun viewed the ICT competition as one of the greatest innovations that focus on promoting ICT knowledge which has now become compulsory upon this generation. Dr. Mahdi viewed this generation as Western Generation that can not do without computers and therefore urged them to use the experience gain from the quiz as a stepping stone for future knowledge acquisition.


On his part Alhaji Salisu Muhammad, the Director of Statistics and ICT lamented that ICT was the future and the students should be grateful to Allah Almighty because they are born in an age of computer where every aspect of human life could be obtained. He further urged students to make positive of the ICT. The Director also said the Ministry intended to sponsor the ICT quiz but due to hot political situation in the state the sponsorship has to be postponed. “But I am hoping in the near future the Ministry sponsor of the ICT competition inBauchiState” The Director stated.


In his welcome remark, Mallam Ahmad Abdullahi Yakasai who represented CITAD, said ICT was viewed as the backbone of human society and he urged students to cultivate reading habits and put into practice whatever knowledge they obtain especially with regard to ICT as this was the only way they could compete with the ICT changing trend brought in our society.


The competition was considered more exciting then the previous edition because it hosted thirteen senior secondary schools while the previous edition had only nine senior secondary schools. The participating schools this year were: Wabi Academy, Bauchi, Government Day Senior Secondary School, Azare; Government Day Technical College, Jama are; Government Arabic College, Jama are, Government Secondary School Itas, General Hassan Usman Katsina Unity College, Bauchi; Government Technical College, Gadau, Government Girls College, Toro; Government Day Senior Secondary School A/B Bauchi, GCDSSA and GCDSS B/H GG


Four interesting rounds were held at the end of which five schools emerged as finalists. To determine the winners another round was conducted and at the end GCDSS Bauchi prevailed with Ten Points making it the first school in the history of the ICT competition to answer all its question in each round of the quiz, General Hassan Usman Katsina Unity College, Bauchi won the second position with a total number of Eight Points, having lost Two Points at the end of the Fifth Round, Government Arabic College Jamaare took the Third Position.


As usual there ‘were eight prizes lined up for the winning schools, their teachers and the contestants. These prizes as well as the winners were as follows:First Place, Website Hosting for the school and free training for two teachers of the school who are expected to be maintaining and managing the website. This prize was donated by CITAD and won by GCDSS Bauchi  and was presented to the School by Alhaji Salisu Muhammad, Director Statistic and ICT. A refurbished Desktop and Sound System (Speakers) were presented as the second prize toGeneralHassanUsmanKatsinaUnityCollege, Bauchi by Alhaji Salisu Muhammad. This prize was donated by Hajiya Sa’adatu Mahdi, the National Coordinator Women’s Rights Advancement and Protection Alternative (WRAPA). The Third Place Prize, a Refurbish Desktop also donated by Hajiya Sa’adatu Mahdi went to Government Arabic College Jama’are. This prize was presented to the school by Mallam Ahmad Abdullahi Yakasai, the quiz master.


Another prize was a Television Set as the prize of the Best Performing Student, donated by Kitabu Transportation, Azare. Hajara Abubakar of Government Girls Secondary Schools Bauchi won this prize which was presented to her by Mallam Ahmad A. Yakasai. Next was the prize for the Overall Performing Student, a Brand New Printer donated by Alhaji Shehu A. Wadaji, former aspirant for the position of Federal House of Representatives under P.D.P. This prize went to Sulaiman A. Adamu ofGovernemntArabicCollege, Jama’are.


In addition, a Radio Stereo Set donated by CITAD as the prize of the Teacher of theBestPerformingSchoolwent to Mr. Emmanuel Ofor ofGeneralHassanUsmanKatsinaUnityCollege, Bauchi and presented to him by Alhaji Salisu Muhammad. The prize for the Teacher of the First Runner Up school, a Wall Clock donated by CITAD went to Mallam Lawan Babaji of  General Hassan Usman Katsina Unity College, Bauchi and that of the Teacher of the Second Runner Up School, a Wall Clock also donated by CITAD went Mallam Aminu Muhammad ofGovernmentArabicCollege, Jama’are


At the end of the occasion, Mallam Abubakar Magaji of Government Arabic College Jama’are called on Bauchi State Government to support the ICT Competition by offering donations and being present whenever the quiz is taking place. He expressed satisfaction over the effort CITAD has been making over the years in advocating ICT knowledge.


The quiz master, Ahmad Yakasai in his vote of thanks commended all the schools that participate in the quiz and congratulates the three winning schools that are expected to represent BaucchiStateat National ICT quiz. Ahmad urged the schools to work hard so that they could win the National ICT scheduled to take place at Digital Bridge Institute, Kano Campus. Yakasai expressed gratitude on behalf of CITAD to Dr. Shehu Mahdi, Wanban Katagum, Alhaji Salisu Muhammad, Ministry of Education, Kitabu Transportation Limited, Hajiya Sa’adatu Mahdi, Alhaji Shehu A. Wadaji, Representatives of Schools, Teachers, Students and every one who contributed to the success of the occasion.

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