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Second Term Career Talk at Govt. Senior Secondary School Hassana Sufi

On 24th may, 2012 Center for Information Technology and Development (CITAD) conducted Its Second Term Career Talk inKanoat Govt. Senior Secondary School Hassana Sufi.

The Talk Conducted by team members namely: Mal Ado Shehu Yakasai, Abdullahi Abdu Jido & Khadeeja Ismail.

The session was opened by Mal Ado after introducing the team, Mal Ado express his gratitude as the school gave us a time and opportunity to conduct this career talk. He then stress the important of computer in education especially for ladies, where he said a lady can start her at home, if you are not allowed to work under government.Adoalso explains the component of computer and its function.

Khadeeja Ismail is the second presenter where addressed the student that they should try and read more hard to see that they have achieve to become computer literate, according to her she said computer is found in every angle of life, so it has so much impact on our life.

Then third presenter Abdullahi Jido talks on Internet and its uses.

At end series question and answers were made at event. Over 250 students attended which compared JSS 3, SS 1 and SS The session closed by 12:50pm.

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