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Report on Technical Session on Data Protection and Compliance

Report on Technical Session on Data Protection and Compliance

Date: 16th May 2024

Venue: CITAD Office and Zoom Platform

Attendance: 40 participants

On the 16th of May, 2024, the Centre for Information Technology and Development (CITAD) organized a technical session on data protection and compliance in partnership with Topp IT Consulting LTD, Abuja. This hybrid event, held both at the CITAD office, Kano and via the Zoom platform, was attended by 40 participants, including members of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) and staff of the Kano State Civil Service.

Aim of the Session

The aim of the session was to enhance the understanding and capabilities of participants regarding data protection and compliance. This initiative sought to ensure that participants were equipped with the necessary knowledge to safeguard data in their custody, protect the privacy of data subjects and adhere to regulatory compliance standards within their respective organizations.

Opening Remarks

The session began with opening remarks by Muhammad Bello, the Coordinator and Technical Officer at CITAD. He welcomed the participants and emphasized the importance of data protection and compliance in today’s digital age. Bello highlighted the increasing instances of data breaches and the need for organizations to be proactive in implementing robust data security measures. He also underscored the role of such training sessions in building the capacity of local organizations to meet global standards in data management and regulatory compliance.

Session Overview

Data Protection: CITAD Technical officer Abdulrahman Babatunde

Babatunde of CITAD led the segment on data protection, focusing on the fundamentals of data privacy, the significance of protecting personal data, and best practices for data security. Key topics included:

  • Understanding data protection principles
  • Identifying and mitigating data security risks
  • Implementing data encryption and secure access controls
  • Awareness of national and international data protection laws

Compliance: Topp IT Consulting LTD technical staff Mohammed Roni

Topp IT Consulting LTD conducted the segment on compliance, addressing the critical aspects of regulatory adherence. Their presentation covered:

  • The importance of compliance in organizational operations
  • Key compliance frameworks and standards (e.g., GDPR, NITDA regulations)
  • Steps for implementing an effective compliance program
  • Monitoring and auditing for compliance

Participant Engagement

The session was interactive, with participants actively engaging in discussions and asking pertinent questions. The hybrid format facilitated broad participation, allowing those who could not attend in person to join virtually via Zoom.

Closing Remarks

Malam Isah Garba, Senior Programmes Officer of CITAD, delivered the closing remarks. He expressed gratitude to all participants for their active involvement and to Topp IT Consulting LTD for their valuable partnership. Isa reiterated the significance of the training and encouraged participants to apply the knowledge gained to improve data protection and compliance within their organizations. He concluded by stating CITAD’s commitment to continuous capacity building in the area of information technology and development.

Following Isa’s remarks, participants were invited to offer their feedback and vote of thanks. Several participants shared their insights and reflections:

  • Abdullahi Hashim from the Kano State Civil Service expressed his appreciation for the practical nature of the training, noting that the session on data encryption and secure access controls was particularly useful for his department.
  • Gloria Ikpe, of Kasham GirlsWomen, Youth and Community Development Network representing a local CSO, commended the detailed explanation of compliance frameworks, which she found very informative and directly applicable to her organization’s needs.
  • Participants collectively noted that the hybrid format was effective, allowing those unable to attend in person to fully participate virtually.
  • Several attendees recommended that future sessions include more case studies and real-life examples to further enhance understanding.

Overall, the feedback was overwhelmingly positive, with participants acknowledging the usefulness of the training and expressing a desire for more frequent and in-depth sessions on related topics.


The technical session on data protection and compliance was a significant step towards enhancing the data management capabilities of CSOs and the civil service in Kano State. With a total of 40 participants, the session successfully provided critical insights and practical knowledge necessary for protecting data and ensuring regulatory compliance. CITAD and Topp IT Consulting LT look forward to further collaborations to continue this essential work.


Some pictures from the activity


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