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Report of the Career Talk conducted at GSS Gadadin, Dutse Held on 24th May, 2012

The Career Talk was declared open by Vice Principal Hassan A. Ibrahim with an opening prayer. He then introduced the representative of Jigawa State Zonal Education Office and the CITAD team to students.

Sagir Ado who led the career talk introduced the members of the career talk team and mentioned their responsibilities in the organization. He also mentioned some of the activities of CITAD such as the career talk, ICT Quiz, Voter Education, e-Governance Soft option Scheme etc. He stated that the purpose of the talk is to sensitize students on the importance of the computer education in the society. He then handed over the talk to Malam Mukhtar Umar.

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Malam Mukhtar Umar started his presentation with asking students questions on the computer and its parts. He was happy with the ways that the students responded to his questions. It appeared that they know something about computer.

In view of this, he paid more attention in the areas that the students have lapses in his presentation. He dismantled the system unit and explained its components to the students. He spent time trying to differentiate between the system unit and the CPU as they shared the same name. He also explained the use of LAN Card in the places where the computer is not wireless.

In the second part of the presentation, Malam Mukhtar explained the uses of the computer in our society. He explained the use of computer in scientific research, internet searching, Business Application, Educational purpose and Health purposes. At the end of the presentation, he allowed the students to ask questions. Many questions were asked by the students, some of these questions include:

  1. Why motherboard is given this name not fatherboard?
  2. What is the different between the CD we used to watch films in our houses and the CD ROM drive?
  3. What is the full name of MODEM?

Malam Sufyan Jamil who was among the CITAD team requested Malam Mukhtar to allow him to answer the questions. Subsequently, he explained the answers to the students.

At the end of the talk, Malam mukhtar asked the students three different questions and said anyone who answer would be given an ICT reading materials as a gift. Abubakar Abubakar Ahmad from SS 2 answered the first question on data cable. The second question was answered by Sani Abdullahi on Hard disk, while the last question was answered by Nasiru Aliyu  all from SS1.

In his remark, Malam Umar Abbas Muhd (PEOG & C) representative from Zonal Education on behalf of the Director urged the students to be serious especially on Computer Education. Look at as an example even application for job; they used to say computer literacy is must, he said. He then thanked CITAD for this effort of sensitizing the students since from the grass root. I wish this kind of talk to cover my entire zone not restricted to particular school, he added.

During the closing remark, Hassan A. Ibrahim the Vice Principal thanked Malam Muktar and CITAD in general. He wishes them safe journey and offered the closing prayers.

The talk had the presences of about 120 students.

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