Press Statement on the Need to Provide More Personal Protective Equipment and Other Materials In Kano State Hospitals By The Centre for Information Technology And Development

May 9, 2020

The battle of covid19 has continues to stress and expose the lack of readiness and poor spending in the health sector all over the world. As of yesterday, the 8th of May, 2020, the total confirmed cases worldwide stands at 4,013,666 with 2,76,337 fatalities while Nigeria as of yesterday has a 3912 confirmed cases with 117 fatalities. Health personnel has everyday being exposed to the danger of being contracted with virus due to inadequacies of the protective materials in our hospitals all over the country. It has been reported by many national dailies in the country on how health personnel are absconding and abandoning patients for fear of becoming victims of the virus, this has led many to lose their loved ones due to lack of access to health facilities and medical attention.

In its efforts to draw the attention of Government and advice where necessary, the Centre for Information Technology and Development has looked at how health personnel are struggling with lack of materials to discharge their duty effectively in Kano state. This has resulted in a number of those in the frontline to contracted the virus. In Kano alone, more than 30 health workers have been reported by the Nigerian Medical Association (NMA), Kano state branch to have contracted the virus in Aminu Kano Teaching Hospital and National Orthopedic Hospital Dala in the course of their duties. This has created fear in the minds of many.

Our investigation has revealed that few among the hospitals in the state are ready and supplied with necessary equipment. In the investigation we carried out only Malam Aminu Kano Teaching Hospital, National Orthopedic Hospital Dala, Murtala Muhammad Specialist, Muhammad Abdullahi Wase Teaching Hospital and Sir Muhammad Sunusi Specialist have some of the covid19 protective materials and adhering to the preventive measures as advised by World Health Organization. Even in these hospitals, materials such as protective kits and oxygen therapy are grossly inadequate.

Though these materials are globally inadequate due to the high demands, but there is need for the state government to redouble its efforts in this fight. To ensure health personnel discharge their duty effectively and their own lives being protected we call on Kano state government to:

  1. Provide all the major hospitals in the state with adequate Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs). This will give the health workers more courage in discharging their duties
  2. Train more health personnel and post them to all the major hospitals across the state. It will reduce the overcrowd of patients in the inner city
  3. All their remuneration should be paid on time and need to be psychologically encourage in order not lose hope
  4. Should quickly conclude negotiation with unions of health workers on enhanced hazards allowance to bring what they are paid to the same range as other states.
  5. Expand quickly the available spaces for isolation of COVID positive and patients. As of yesterday, the state has over 400 confirmed cases while total isolation facilities in the state is just about 270 bed spaces.

Ali Sabo

Campaigns and Communication Officer


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