Press Statement On The Need To Allow Essential Services To Operate During Lockdown In Kano State By The Centre For Information Technology And Development

Issued on 17th of April, 2020

Since the outbreak of the deadly Coronavirus in the world and most especially when Nigeria recorded its first confirmed case of the virus in Lagos, the Centre for Information Technology and Development has been following the incident closely calling the attention of government both at federal and states level to prepare adequate measures and to have a proper plans on how to tackle the virus and what it might come with. At the same time, CITAD has been feeding the general public with information about safety measures and the need to follow the advices given by World Health Organization (W.H.O) which include sharing of infographics on social media and bi-weekly twitter chat with health professionals.

As one of the best way to prevent the spread of coronavirus among people as advised by professionals, any place where there is confirmed case of the virus, total lockdown of the city is usually impose as we have seen in many cities in the world. Similarly, Kano state government on the 14th of April, 2020 after having five confirmed cases in the state announced the total lockdown of the city to begin by 10pm on the 16th of April, 2020. Many people especially those that survive on daily hustle criticized the decision citing example that their lives depend on daily hustle to feed themselves and their family which the state government has not announce any alternative for them despite many calls from concerned citizens to introduce palliatives that will cushion the suffering of this class of people. However, still the decision to lockdown the city is the best the state government can take.

Consequently, as the lockdown began, many people were left stranded including the securities agencies who are saddle with responsibilities to ensure the total compliance of the order due to closing of all activities in the city including essential services. Reports reaching us and testimonies from some of the security agents on duty confirmed that the security personnel on duty are finding it difficult if not impossible to find what they will eat, the water they will drink and other needs as the state government did not announce a clear road map on how the lockdown would be. As we are all aware, all over the world where this kind of order is being imposed some exceptions are being made in order to allow people to access basic needs.

It is on this regard that we are appealing to the Kano state government to:

  1. Design a clear road map on how the lockdown is going to continue in the state
  2. Allow some essentials services like pharmacies, restaurants, water vendors etc. as this will allow even the security agents to access these services while on duty especially food and water
  • Allow bakeries to continue operating in the state
  1. Allow Yan garuwa to continue operating within their areas of resident due to lack of tap water in many of the areas in the city

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