Press Statement on the Need for Kano State Government to Address People Concerns by the Centre for Information Technology and Development (VIII)

Date: 25 April, 2020

On the 24 of April, 2020 Kano State Government temporarily lifted the lockdown order it imposed in the state one week ago. The temporary lifting of the order which was announced by the State Deputy Governor, Dr. Nasiru Yusuf Gawuna who is also serving as the Chairman State Task Force Committee on Covid19 in the state allowed residents a partial movement from 6am to 12pm on Thursday to prepare for another long period of time.

This order, like all other directives announced previously by the state government is also ambiguous because many people were left in a state of confusion on where to start as we all know people have many needs and preparation to make looking at the period we are approaching, however, the short time given will be very difficult for the majority of the residents who have been kept in one place for a whole week to accomplish such tasks.

CITAD noticed with concern the way people were trooping in every market in order to buy necessary commodities they will use during Ramadan. This in our view has serious implications to the fight against Covid19, because one of the cardinal preventive measures as advised by health professionals, social distancing was not observed during the temporary lifting of the order which definitely will set the state back against this fight. Secondly, huge number of the residents were deprived the right to prepare for another lockdown the state will begin today, this is because many of the salary earners in the state were not been paid. Thirdly, the state Deputy Governor in his announcement did not explain to the millions of the state residents the nature of the second lockdown or when it will end. Lastly, many people in the state during Ramadan depend on other people to break their fasting.

Based on the stated concerns, we are calling on the state government to as a matter of urgency:

  1. Explain to the public the nature of the lockdown this time
  2. Pay all workers in the state their salaries and allow them to prepare for the Ramadan
  3. Publish items that are exempted from the lockdown and explain to the people how they will be accessing those items
  4. The state government need to have concrete plans on the most vulnerable in the society especially during Buda Baki.

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