Press Statement on Lockdown of Kano State by the Centre for Information Technology and Development

We must first of all commend the Kano state government for this painful but bold decision to lockdown the state effective from 16th of April, 2020 by 10pm. It would be recalled that the state has on the 23rd of march, 2020 ordered the closure of its borders with all state, preventing people from coming and going out of the state, in order to curb the importation of this deadliest coronavirus that is ravaging cities, destroying countries’ economies and exposing the inadequacy of the health care systems of the most developed countries in the world. Since the outbreak of this pandemic, CITAD has been making press statements to call on the concerned authorities to take necessary actions, including closure of markets, mosques, ceremonial gathering and all other crowdy activities to curtail the spread of the virus among people. Unfortunately, many of the recommendations offered by CITAD including the lockdown of the state were not being taken seriously which led to the first recorded case in the state. As of yesterday, when the state decided to impose the total lockdown in the state, there were 4 confirmed cases with many people’s blood taken for testing.

The decision taken by the Kano state government to lockdown the state is a welcome step but we must not forget that the majority of the population of this most populous in the country depend on informal work which requires them to go out daily to look for what they will eat and feed their family.

We see the announcement as ambiguous and incomplete, because we all know that a directive like this cannot be achieved and successfully implemented without a laying a clear road map on how to address the problems of vulnerable groups in the state, groups that who will tomorrow find their means of livelihood has gone with the lockdown. We call on the State Governor to come out with clear and accountable plans for palliatives to meet the needs of the vulnerable.

We not that the call by two commissioners in Kano state calling the Federal government to come to the aid of the state by providing assistance to the Government.

While such calls are reasonable, it is incumbent of the State Government to as a matter of public interest and to avoid any resistance from the residents to:

  1. Come up with a clear and elaborate plan on how to support the vulnerable people in the society which must be an accountable and all-inclusive
  2. Inform the public how the donations given by different individuals and organizations have been used so far
  • The federal government to introduce a transparent and accountable monitoring mechanism to ensure the support is not being diverted
  1. The well to do individuals in the society to support poor people in their areas at this critical time


Ali Sabo

Campaigns and Communications Officer

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