Activity-report, Capacity Building


CITAD with support from ActionAid , Nigeria trained 50 women in 10 communities of the FCT of AMAC and Kwali Area Councils on Peer Education.  The objectives training  were to strengthen the capacity of 50 women across 10 communities in AMAC and Kwali Area Council on how to address issues that affect their lives politically, socially and economically, and  to establish a committee for the women to mobilize and organize themselves  for collective action for  women rights development and discourage Violence against Women and Girls (VAWG) in their communities. The training too place in two separate phases, the first phase took place between 9th and 11th June, 2021in AMAC and the second phase between 14th and 16th June, 2021 in Kwali Area council.

         The training was carried out using a designed manual that is designed to inculcate the information in to the participants; The trainings were interactive and participants were taken using ways of localizing customizing the wordings for better understanding of the concepts in the manual.

The Participants fully understood the concepts as the evaluation processes during the training shown, at the end of the training Local Networks were established, the aim of these networks are; 

  1. To strengthened the capacity of women to address issues affecting them socially, politically and economically.
  2. To help in establishing a  peer cycle group  in each community, with a maximum of 20 women, with identification of the groups focal persons, meeting dates and meeting frequencies 

It was also agreed that; the trained women will step down the training to other women in their communities so that the knowledge learnt will become universal in the communities to ensure sustainability of the ideas and the moves. 

At the end of the programmes the women made the following appeals:

  • They solicited for  adult education Centres to be established  in their communities, so as to boost their literacy skills.
  • The women also recommended that men  in their communities should also be trained on women’s rights and other issues to empower women, because most times they do not support their women’s development politically, socially and economically.

Issues around land is affecting the community negatively, this has led the women request on ways their lands can be saved. 

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