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Centre for Information Technology and Development




The centre for Information Technology and Development (CITAD) with support from the forum commonwealth and development office (FCDO) through the association for progressive communications (APC) is accepting applications for the second iteration of the Nigerian School of Community Networks (NSCN). The Nigeria School of Community Network (NSCN) is composed of students that are passionate about supporting the establishment of community networks in their respective localities. The school in its efforts to get qualified students is also careful in obtaining applications that will meet the required classroom number for the school. There is an admission limit to guide how many students the school can accommodate with emphasis on those that can potentially display some level of competence in terms of IT skills, community mobilization, resource mobilization and inclusion amongst others. 

Basic information: 

All applicants must be from within the seven communities of (Itas, Jama’are, Kafanchan, Tungan Ashere, Dakwa, Pasepa and Leleyi Gwari). Applicants can be male or female but must be between 18 to 35 years of age. Females are particularly encouraged to apply. The school will run in three phases: 

  1. A physical session for two weeks (conventional setting) – lectures and practicals will be conducted 
  2. An online session for two weeks 
  3. Mentorship for two months (hybrid) 


Educational background and age: 

Applicants must obtain a minimum certificate of secondary school, a basic computer appreciation course and be able to operate computers. Higher qualification is another advantage.   


There will be attendance to serve as a metric for performance evaluation upon which a certificate will be issued at the end of the school. A student must have 75% attendance in all three phases of the school. 


In addition, the applicants must meet there following criteria:

  1. She/he must have been involved in the activities of any of the seven micro-organizations (submit a letter of attestation from the head or coordinator of the micro-organization concerned)
  2. She/he must not have attended a previous edition of the School of Community Networks 
  3. She/he must submit a what contribution she/he will offer to the community networks in their community 
  4. The applicant is ready to transport himself/herself to the venue of the school (the fellowship covers accommodation, feeding and cost of training)
  5. She/he is ordinarily resident in the locality of the micro-organization that he is coming from


 Application procedure: 

Interested applicants should submit their applications to the following email (   All applications are to reach the coordinator of the school on or before 6/07/2022. No application will be considered at the end of the stated date.


Policy of the school: 

  1. NSCN shall provide admission equally to all students of the communities irrespective of their colour, gender, religion or disability, to all the rights, privileges, activities and programs offered by the school 
  2. NSCN will comply with the guide and directives provided by the advisory committee of the community network project regarding limitations on total enrolment 
  3. All admission policies and criteria for admission are consistent with the school’s documents including the curriculum and other study materials approved by CITAD and the advisory committee  


Timelines for admission/selection:

Applications open from 22/06/2022, close on 06/07/2022, and a list of successful candidates will be released on 10/07/2022.


General requirement

  1. The candidate must submit a letter of recognition from a community leader as a basis for consideration 
  2. Students will be asked to make an undertaking at the end of the school for shared commitments to sustain the community networks   


For more details about the school, visit

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