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Nigerian youths charged to be active in politics


A youth activist in Kano, Mrs Hauwa Mustapha, has advocated for institutional support for the youth at formal and informal levels, to build their confidence for political participation.

Mustapha made the call at a virtual conference organized by the Centre for Information Technology and Development (CITAD) with support of Rosa Luxembourg Foundation on Wednesday in Kano.

CITAD virtual meeting focused on youth inclusion in politics and governance with theme “Critical Knowledge Production Series Dialogue: Youth Political Inclusion: How to Strike a Balance Between Age and Principles.”

In her presentation, Mustapha stressed the need to broaden youth engagement beyond the quest for political office, but in policy and program analysis.

She said through formal and informal institutions, the youth can be encouraged and guided on orientation and development of basic skill required for self-development, mental and psychological health, adding that there should be responsible and accountable communication strategy, useful for diverse local, national and international youth network with common interests.

Mustapha also traced the Nigerian history and justified how youths were engaged in leadership before, during and after the military rule.

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