Activity-report, Capacity Building

Report of a 3-Day Participation at a Training Organized by NDI in Abuja

National Democratic Institute, our supporters for the Curbing Hate Speech Project organized a a 3-day training on online violence against women in politics, handling gender sensitive issues, gender hate speech and data collection. Two staff of the Centre for Information Technology and Development (CITAD), Hamza Ibrahim and Abdul Abdulhamid attended the training which took place at NDI’s office in Abuja. The training which commenced on Tuesday 9th July and ended on Thursday 11 July, 2019 was both theoretical and practical.

The training was bilateral in the same that the trainers also created room for CITAD to lead some sessions on especially the experience of hate speech monitoring in Nigeria, CITAD methodology, data collection and presentation approach, coding sheet and justification for elements on the sheet, etc.

Outcomes of the training

  1. It was suggested and agreed during the training that CITAD will develop a training manual for hate speech monitors. The trainers will help with gender hate speech part of the manual.
  2. It was also agreed that the manual will contain clear definitions of elements on the coding sheet (monitoring form). For example, a clear definition of a “feared person” and the likes ought to be done.
  • Disagreegation of the type of gender violence on the form also needs to be done.
  1. Revised work plan of CITAD will be sent by Annabel for us to fill the appropriate spaces, example, timing for activities, their outcome, output, the person responsible, etc.
  2. Intense collaboration between CITAD and CDD was initiated, both organizations being supported by NDI, to get that going, a WhatsApp was created for both organizations and the NDI team
  3. It was also greed that since CITAD and CDD have activities in Kogi and Bayelsa, they will be communicating and helping each other.
  • It was again agreed that the two organizations will sharing content on Hate Speech and Fake News since the two areas are the focus of CITAD and CDD on NDI
  • Online amplification of each other’s messages was another area of collaboration suggested and agreed.

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