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Kano students receive training on internet safety from CITAD, ASF France

The Centre for Technology and Development (CITAD), in partnership with Avocats Sans Frontières France (ASF France), has continued an E-rights training program targeting more than 500 secondary school students in Kano State.

The E-Rights Project Officer in Kano State, Mr. Ali Sabo, told newsmen that the project is supported by the European Union (EU) and implemented in Nigeria by ASF France, which is coordinating activities at the national level.

Mr. Sabo added that there are two partners coordinating activities at the state level: CITAD and Spaces for Change (S4C).

He explained that CITAD, as a state partner, is coordinating activities in Kano State, while S4C is coordinating activities in Imo and Lagos States, respectively.

He further explained that this particular program, E-rights, aims to build the capacity of 10 different secondary schools across the state on internet safety and security.

“On Thursday last week, we flagged off the program at Fatima Muhammad Secondary School, then today we trained students of Government Secondary School Sharada, Unguwa Uku (Boys), Government Girls Secondary School Unguwa Uku, and Government Girls Secondary School, Hausawa Students.”

“Our major theme of discussion geared towards an individual’s online safety, comprising malware, phishing, impersonation online, among other topics,” Sabo said.

Mr. Ali Sabo explained that the E-rights training for students is incredibly beneficial as it helps them understand digital rights, online privacy, ethical internet use, and cybersecurity, preparing them to navigate the digital world responsibly.

“The training will equip them with the knowledge and skills to protect their personal information, be critical consumers of online content, and engage safely and ethically in the digital space.”

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