Journalists,CSOs cautions Against Sensational Posting on Social Media- Group

By Ahmed Jada.

Journalists and the Civil Society Organizations have been cautioned against sensational posting on social media platforms.

The call was made in a communiqué issued at the end of 2-days capacity building workshop on Thursday for Media, CSOs and in Gombe.

“The journalists and CSOs should avoid posting anything sensational on social media platforms, that would cause problems in the society.

“That will make them loose the integrity and respect earned from the society ,” the communique said

The communique was signed by the chairman Hassan Shallpella and the secretary Abdulkareem Haruna.

The Communique also quoted “that journalists and CSO actors should be cautious of what they post on their various social media platforms to avoid being perceived as biased or taking sides,”

It called on journalists to objectively and constructively report the issues that have direct bearing with the citizens and government.

According to the communique, there is need for a better collaboration between the media and the civil society organizations to achieve social accountability in education sector in the Northeast Nigeria.

It said the synergy between state and non-state actors in education is key to achieving social accountability.

“That collaboration among media, CSOs and Schools Based Management Committee (SBMC) will enhance social accountability and quality service delivery in the education sector,” the communique said

It also called for more periodic capacity building for the media and the CSOs to enhance better working relationship.

“That members of the various clusters should imbibe the culture of networking for effective collaboration in order to achieve the set target,” it said

The Communique said that the media plays a vital role through its various functions in improving accountability in the education sector.

It said the SBMC should be effectively utilized by both the CSOs and the Media in achieving social accountability in public schools.

It also called on journalists to create innovative ways in producing reports and programmes that will promote social accountability.

“To also collaborate with the SBMCs and CSOs in order to get credible and reliable information that will improve quality education in the Northeast,” it said.

It added that the Media and CSOs should create a platform for easy sharing of information and further collaboration.

Our correspondent report that the workshop was organised by Northeast Social Accountability in Education Cluster with Centre for Information Technology and Development (CITAD) as Anchor, with Support from USAID through SACE project. Participants were drawn from various media organisations and CSOs in the Northeast states.