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In pursuance of parts of its goal and objectives which is to ensure Computer literacy and development through the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) in Kano State, the Centre for Information Technology and Development (CITAD) team proceeded to Government Girls Junior Secondary School, Jido, Kano State on the 19th March, 2009 as part of its series of enlightenment and sensitization campaign. The team consisted of Umar Farouq Uthman (Program Officer Research), Abdullahi A. Abdullahi (Training Assistant), Kawu M. Ahmad (Interns), Hajara A. Ahmad (Interns) and Abdullhi Dan Balarabe. On arrival at the School, the team proceeded to the Principal’s Office where we introduced ourselves and told him of our purpose to the School, he said they have been expecting us. We now explained that due to some hitches, we couldn’t come as earlier promised. The principal; Mal. Abbas Nafiu then ordered for a Class to be arranged for us. We then proceeded to the Class where the Students and most of the Staffs were seated for the Class. The Principal went ahead and introduced us telling them the name of the Organization we came from and our purpose. He then gave the floor to us, the Presenter; Umar Farouq introduced himself and urged other members of the team to do same.

In order to make the class interactive, the Presenter started by asking the Students” who could explain what a Computer is?” The young girls were initially shy, but as the Class progressed they became a beehive of activities; asking and answering questions, seeking for clarification etc. The Presenter explained to them what a Computer is; its parts and their uses, also the Components and their functions were also explained. Lastly he highlighted the importance of Computers to the Society and its uses in our daily interactions. He also urged the Students to choose careers in the Information Technology field and also others that had other ambitions to inculcate ICTs into their field of study. Then came the Question and Answer segment, questions were thrown to the Students and they actively answered them unlike the shy girls they were earlier. CITAD Souvenirs and IT books were presented to those that answered the questions posed. The Presenter then gave the floor to some of the Staffs to comment on the event. Mal. Husseini Garba, the Islamic Studies and Arabic Teacher then told the Students this presentation is just a tip of the iceberg in the Knowledge of Computer, he further encouraged them not to throw away the Knowledge they have just acquired and to use them wherever they find themselves. Mal. Bashir A. Said on behalf of the Students and Staffs of the School while thanking CITAD for the honor bestowed on them by the visit and the knowledge the Students acquired. He further hoped that this wouldn’t be the last time it would be visiting the School and also emphasized that they the Teachers are in dire need of Computer Training and would be very privileged if they could be considered for training.

Finally, the Principal while delivering his vote of thanks thanked CITAD and urged them not to relent in their effort in spreading and sensitizing the knowledge of ICTs. He further said they had a Computer Teacher with no Computers to teach the Students. He said any effort that would enable them to posses a Computer would be gladly appreciated. In response the Presenter, Umar Farouq said he would relay all their messages to the Director of CITAD. He also informed them that there was a Computer acquisition scheme where they could acquire refurbished Computers.

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