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Umar Farouq Uthman

On the 24th of February, 2009 the Centre for Information Technology and Development (CITAD) Team proceeded to Kazaure in Jigawa State for part of its series of enlightment and sensitization campaign of our future generations in Secondary Schools. CITAD went to Government Secondary School (GSS) Kazaure after series of surveys had been conducted by its Staff; Abdulmajid Lawal resident at Jigawa State who chose GSS Kazaure since CITAD had never been to Kazaure for any of its career talk/ICT class series. The team arrived Kazaure in the morning of 24th and made a call to its Staff who was already on ground who then arrived and together they proceeded to the School.

The CITAD team comprised of the team leader; Mal. Isyak Garba, Umar Farouq Uthman, Abdulmajid Lawal and Abdullahi Auwal. On arriving at the School, we proceeded to the Principal’s Office where he was briefed on our mission to the School. The Principal was happy to see us and immediately ordered for a class to be setup and also since they didn’t have an accommodation that could take all the students, they resolved they would select students from each class for the event.

After setting the class up and the Students were seated, the Principal lead us to the venue where the event was opened by a prayer followed by the National Anthem. The Principal then advised the students to be attentive during the course of the event, he also urged them to pass on what they have learnt to their peers, since they were not opportuned to be here. He then gave the floor to Mal. Isyaku Garba who proceeded to explain what ICT was and how it helps in the educational development of the students. After which he showed and explained to them what a Computer was, its components, their functions, types, classifications and areas where computers could be applied in human life. The students were so passionate in learning, listening attentively and asking questions. Isyaku then offered the floor to Umar Farouq Uthman who talked on Career Opportunities in ICT sector and why they should thread on the ICT line. He also urged those that intended to study other courses to incorporate IT into it. Questions were then asked to the Students and the successful ones were given CITAD’s Official magazine.

While closing the event, the Principal urged CITAD to make it an annual event for their school. He also expressed his profound gratitude to CITAD for the kind gesture.


  1. mubarak says:

    i went to be the member of your school

    1. YZ says:

      Hello Mubarak, you are welcome. Do visit us. Thanks

  2. mubarak says:

    i went to be the member of your school.

  3. i want to know when u are selling ur form

  4. Babagana mustapha INCASH says:

    Pls my superious,i wan to be part of u guys in dis ICT school,pls if dey start sellin dea form pls inform me tro my mail or 08038053968

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