Fact-Check: Kannywood Actress, Jamila Nagudu Is Not Dead


Fact-checkers at Tantancewa, the Centre for Information Technology and Development (CITAD)’s fact-checking observatory have spotted a post on Facebook shared by a profile Hajara Musa in a group ‘BBC Hausa (gaskiya zallah)’ which claims the popular Hausa film actress, Jamila Nagudu has died. In the post, a picture of the late film actress was displayed and RIP written on it, another picture purporting to be her funeral was also attached. 


An investigation conducted by Tantancewa found that the claim is false and the actress is alive and doing well, as against the claim by the post. It was also found that the funeral picture attached with Jamila’s death claim was that of the late emir of Jama’are, Alhaiji Muhammadu Wabi III who died on 6th February 2022 in Jama’are local government, Bauchi state.  

Additionally, Tantancewa has spoken to a close friend of the actress and he confirmed that the actress is alive and doing well.

Tantancewa is hereby emphasizing that the claim Hajara Musa published in a Facebook group ‘BBC Hausa (gaskiya zallah)’ is fake and the public is urged to disregard and not share it. 



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