Invitation for participation 

The centre for Information Technology and Development (CITAD) with support from Lenovo Foundation is starting women-focused incubatorship entitled Digital Creativity and Innovation for Young Women (DICI-YOW). The goal of the initiative is to create jobs for women and girls while the specific objectives are:

  1. To provide digital skills training for 200 girls (100 per year)
  2. To produce 80 digital entrepreneurs (40 per year)
  3. To create 160 new digital jobs for girls (80 per year)

The Programme consists of four phases and will last 10 months as followed:

Phase 1: Basic Digital Skills (one month)

Phase 2: Advanced Digital Skills (1 month)

Phase 3: Business Ideation (2months)

Phase 4: Incubator (6months)

Expected outcome:

As an incubator programme, it’s beneficiaries will at the end harvest some digital businesses providing goods or services to the public 

Target Beneficiaries 

  1. Beneficiaries must be girls between the ages of 18-30
  2. They must have a minimum of secondary school education 
  3. Must be capable of communicating in both written and oral English 
  4. Must be interested in building and running a business of their own 
  5. Participants must be based either in Kano, Bauchi or Gombe states. In addition, participants should ordinarily be resident in either Azare, Gombe or Kano or can make arrangement to accommodate themselves in any of these three places for the duration of the programme.


Interested girls who meet the criteria above are invited to apply. Applicants should include photocopies of their credentials, indication of interest of participation letter. Application should be submitted on or before June 11, 2022. 


While at the level of incubator participants would be provided with some training allowance, participation in the first two phases will not attract allowance. In addition, progression into the different phases of the programme is based on performance.

For more details about the programme, visit ww.citad.org/DICI_YOW

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