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Commemoration of International Youth Day 2023 – Graphic design training

The International Youth Day 2023 with theme “Green skills
for youths; towards a sustainable world”celebrates the
remarkable energy, ideas and aspirations of young individuals
in FCT communities and also underscores their pivotal role in
shaping a more inclusive, sustainable and equitable future.
Centre for Information Technology and Development
(CITAD) with support from Action Aid Nigeria in line with
the theme aims to train 15 youths in Pasepa community on
graphic design. Graphic design is the creation of visual

compositions to solve problems and communicate ideas
through typography, imagery, colour and form. It is also seen
as the craft of creating visual content to communicate
messages. For printed designs-paper choices, ink and materials
can significantly reduce the carbon footprint of a design piece,
this means less emissions and more efficient use of natural
The graphic design training with the aim to:
• Provide sustainable green and tech skills for 15 youth
in Pasepa community.
• Develop strong problem-solving and critical thinking
• Increase understanding of the design process, research
methodologies and creative ideation as a means to enhance
visual communication.
The training was a one month (4th-29th September 2023)
intensive learning process including both practical and
theoretical which was facilitated by a certified graphic designer
Ishaq Olaitan Lawal the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of
Lighton creatives.
The participants were able to learn the importance, quality,
types, focus, products, career opportunities, competition of
graphic design using tools like Corel Draw, Canva, photo pea,
Adobe Illustrator, among others.
Participants were able to design their CITAD and Action Aid
logo, as well as their certificates, was designed as part of the
assignments are given to the youth.
With the directions of the facilitator, the participants were able
to design complimentary cards.
The participants were eager to learn and enjoyed every aspect
of the learning process, while asking questions enabling an
interactive engagement. There were also corel draw application
installed in the computers at the ICT centre of the community
established by CITAD and AAN.
There was no light on some days of the training and the
generator provided for the ICT centre was faulty, this delayed
and slowed down the classes on some days. However, the
the community leader was able to provide an alternative generator
to power the ICT centre.
The participants were tasked to step down the knowledge
acquired to other members of the community.

Feedback and

Miracle “I am glad to be part of this training, previously I used
to see the Corel draw on the computers but I did not know
how to use it, now I can design just yesterday I design a logo
for someone and I earned N5,000. Thank you CITAD and
ActionAid for building our capacity and giving us more job opportunities”
Beauty “I am saying thank you for this opportunity to learn, I
am happy because I designed my certificate myself

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