CITAD warns of the potential dangers of hate speech in Kano

By Abdallah el-Kurebe.

The Centre for Information Technology and Development (CITAD) has warned against the dangers of hate speech in Kano’s political space .The group cautioned  that something  be urgently done to guard against hate speech resulting from political bickering between supporters of different political parties in Kano state.

Addressing a Press Conference in Kano on Thursday, the Centre, through its Senior Programmes Officer, Isah Garba noted that the trend would result in dangerous tide if nothing was done about it.

“This press conference is intended to draw the attention of all stakeholders on the potential dangers to the state in particular and the country in general as a result of the elite contestation for positions, bargaining for power, expression of disappointments and frustration for being sidelined.

“Democracy and democratic governance can only be strong and effective if there is there strong and vibrant opposition that stimulates the party on the throne to deliver the mandate given to it by the electorate through constructive criticism and actions that can be called ombudsman work, without which the ruling party may possibly be reluctant and in effective,” the statement read.

CITAD observed that in spite of the nation’s democracy of two decades, the key actors in the political scene were dragging the development backward through the growing inter and intra party enmity, which was posing threat to the democratic processes in the country at the advent of the 2019 general election.

The Centre further observed that with Kano as the driving force of politics in northern Nigeria, the current political bickering is a serious issue to pay attention to.

“Kano is without doubt the centre and the driving force of the politics in northern Nigeria which makes it to serve as a pointer to the direction of politics in the region either positively or negatively. The nature of the political scene in Kano today is becoming a serious issue of concern to all peace loving and patriotic citizens.

The growing inter party enmity between the Gandujyiya and Kwankwasiyya groups of the All Progressive Congress (APC), which sounds of the drums of war is going higher on daily basis and  posing threat to the peace of the centre of commence and at the same time showing wrong directions to the politics of Northern Nigeria in general,” it observed while describing as dangerous, recent development in which supporters of the two groups blow trumpets of conflict each time opportunities arose.

CITAD expressed concern on a statement allegedly made by a serving commissioner and published on an online medium (not Newsdiaryonline.com), warning that if nothing was done the situation may result to anarchy. “It is almost certain that if nothing is done, the mobilized groups mayexecute the calls of their principals to action.”

The Centre called on Kano state government “Not to allow itself to be used by political conflict entrepreneurs who enrich themselves through conflicts; to condemn the alleged statement through the media if the speaker was not speaking for the government; to seek means of resolving the inter party differences amicably without given chance for bloodbath; the Governor shouldshow example by disassociating himself from the growing spread of hate speech with impunity among political party supporters.”

While calling on the Kano Emirate Council to intervene in this issue “by issuing statement callingfor calm and peace,” it also called on Kwankwasiyya group to, “remain calm and not be provoked by the alleged statement; not take laws into their hands but rather seek for legal redress on any perceived threat; collaborate with security agencies in the state to ensure that the programme is peacefully conducted and Dr. Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso to call on his supporters to remain calm and law–abiding

The Centre advised security agencies in the state to “be objective in handling political matters in the state; not be allowed to be used by any group to achieve political or any other interests; invite anyone alleged to make statements that are capable of threatening peace and unity in the state.”