CITAD Urges Bauchi State COVID-19 Taskforce Committee to Extend Activities to LGs

The Centre for Information and Communication Technology, CITAD has called on Bauchi State Government to extend the activities of State Taskforce committee on COVID-19 to entire local government areas.

The centre made the statement signed by its Bauchi Acting Programme Coordinator, Isah Garba Azare and made available to Newsmen on Sunday.

He said most of the activities of the committee and the government initiatives are centralized in the state capital.

” Thus, other critical parts of the state are neglected in some initiatives. This capital-centre mind set of the government can be seen from the fact that the of the only three isolations centres, only the two in the state capital (ATBU and Bayara) are functional.

The one that is in FMC Azare, is yet to take off as it the designated building is the new constructed eye clinic section of the hospital which has not even been handed to the government by the contractors” .

The centre expressed concern over the poor condition of the health facilities in the state stressing that ” The Hospitals in the state are not fully equipped to meet the challenges of the pandemic which limits the performance of the medical personnel and also expose them to risk.

For example, Jamaare is one of the major Local Government in the state, the only General Hospital, the local government Headquarters has only 4 hand sanitizers and a packet of facemask for the use of the health workers”.

Mr Isah further said the state capital initially the hospitals adhered to the preventive measures maintaining that ” but this moment, we noticed empty cans of sanitizers at the entrance of some of the hospitals which shows that it was they only for decorations.

The statement however expressed dismay over inadequate of facilities in Federal Medical Centre and general hospital Azare the second major town of the state.

” In Azare, the second major town in the state which has a federal hospital and general hospital people in the town are bitterly complaining of the lack of preparedness of the hospitals to confront the challenges despite the fact that there are reported positive cases among the staff of the Federal Medical Centre, Azare which is now throwing fears in the minds of the people in the area on their safety in attending the hospitals with this development and low level of managerial preparedness and preventive measures in the hospitals.

There have been reports that within one week, over one hundred people have died. Similar reports have been lodged from Jamaare were within five days, more 16 elderly people have dies, most of them following hospitalization at the FMC.

People suspect not only a high level of infection among the hospital staff but that the whole environment of the hospital might have been contaminated.

Again, this is not far fetched as reported have put the number of staff who tested positive to COVID in the FMC at nine, two doctors and seven nurses. This is in addition to the 12 medical doctor who have contracted the virus as announced by the State Commissioner of Health, Dr. Aliyu Maigoro”.

CITAD commended security agencies for the enforcement of wearing facemask, urging them to extend it to many parts of the state.

” Although the security agencies are seen everywhere within the state capital and they work to ensure motorists use face mask, this effort is not extended to the other parts of the state, thus, limiting the impact of the initiative and exposing the majority of the state to danger”.

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