CITAD to women: Protect yourselves from pornography

By Bashir Mohammed

Executive Director, Centre for Information Technology and Development (CITAD), Dr. Yunusa Zakari Yau has called on women to protect themselves from online violence through engagement in decent activities.
Speaking at a one day sensitisation forum organised by CITAD held at Mambayya House in Kano yesterday, Yau said the attitude of using internet to promote nudity, exposes the women to serious abuse in the hands of men who take pleasure in all forms of pornography.
According to him, CITAD had conducted extensive survey on the level of women access to internet and reached the conclusion that men always take advantage of the women through internet sources.
Yau, who was represented by a senior programme officer of the centre, Malam Ahamad Abdullahi Yakasai, however, stated that exposing women to the nitty gritty of internet usage would widen their scope of knowledge and understanding, especially in the academia and stressed that a women could only be disgraced and harassed on the internet once she agrees to expose her feminist treasure.
Speaking in the same vein, an official of the Kano state Hisbah Board, Malam Muhammad Auwal Garba, stressed the need for women to embrace the teachings of Islamic laws particularly in the area of on how to protect their dignity, adding that the glorious Qu’ran had ordained every Muslim to behave in a decent and responsible manner.
According to him, exposing women’s nudity on the website was forbidden in Islam and that a Muslim woman has no cogent reason to flout the laws guiding the conduct of a woman’s dress code, affirming that the advent of modern innovation such as the internet do not preclude one from imbibing the spirit of decency under whatever pretext.