CITAD Laments Violation of Stay at Home Order in Kano

As the order of stay at home enters day six, the Centre for information Technology and Development (CITAD) has expressed disappointment over non compliance in Kano state lamenting that the development escalates the spread of the coronavirus pandemic in the state. Campaign and communication officer of the centre Ali Sabo in a press statement said they have continued to monitor the situation in the state, give possible suggestions to the state government on ways and measures that need to put in place to strengthen the order and ensure the total compliance by all people in the state. ” As we are all aware, the essence of giving the directive of restricting people movements is to curtail the spread of the virus among people. ” Kano as densely as it is it would not afford to continue recording more cases looking at how fragile our health system is, so the best way to ensure we defeat this virus is by staying at home and complying with all the instructions given by health professionals. ” Yesterday, Kano state recorded the highest number of new confirmed cases in the country (23) which took the tally of the total number of the confirmed cases in the state to 59. ” This is a state which less a weak ago it didn’t have any single case. This shows how the virus is spreading among people like wildfire which if adequate measures are not taken the state is going to surpass Abuja which as of yesterday has confirmed cases of 89 despite having its first case more than three weeks”. He pointed out. He said CITAD has noticed with total disappointment how people are getting back to their normal lives in some areas of the state especially in the inner-city areas. According to him, every right-thinking person, not only government looking at how the number of positive cases in the state is increasing on daily basis should worry. ” It is good to note that even the most developed countries in the world are finding it hard to contain this virus once it got out of hand. In the United State of America alone, more than 42,000 people have lost their lives due to coronavirus with more than 600,000 confirmed cases.”

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