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CITAD, Kano Polytechnic Mark World Radio Day With Sensitization Lecture

The Centre for Information Technology and Development (CITAD) marked World Radio Day in collaboration with the Mass Communication department of Kano State Polytechnic by organizing a sensitization lecture for students.

Dr. Muhammad Ibrahim Danja from the Department of Information and Media Studies at Bayero University, Kano, presented a paper titled “Radio and Peacebuilding.”

In his presentation, Dr. Danja emphasized the pivotal role radio plays in fostering peace across Nigeria, serving as a potent tool for communication, education, and conflict resolution.

“Radio is indeed life-saving… in many African countries, radio serves as the primary source of news and information for the majority of the population, making it a crucial tool for promoting peace and stability,”

He highlighted how radio has been instrumental in bringing opposing factions together, facilitating dialogue, and fostering unity among communities.

Moreover, Dr. Danja underscored radio’s significance in crisis response, providing vital information to communities during natural disasters, conflicts, or emergencies.

Malam Salihu Sule Khalid from the Mass Communication department of Kano State Polytechnic emphasized radio’s role in shaping public opinion and promoting cultural unity in Nigeria.

Malam Salihu Sule Khalid from  Mass Communication Department of Kano State Polytechnic.

He noted, “Radio has been an essential medium of communication in Nigeria since 1933. Its unique ability to reach a wide audience makes it an ideal tool for disseminating government plans and programs to all levels of society, including the grassroots.”

Mr. Sule Khalid further highlighted how radio provides a platform for people of all backgrounds to voice their opinions and be heard, regardless of ethnicity, religion, or political affiliation.

He also emphasized its recent role in conflict resolution and as a beacon of hope for marginalized communities.

Closing the event, CITAD communication officer Mr. Ali Sabo expressed gratitude to Kano State Polytechnic for their partnership and assured continued collaboration in education and development initiatives. He urged participants to apply the knowledge gained from the presentation.

World Radio Day, celebrated annually on February 13, underscores the enduring significance of radio in informing, entertaining, and educating societies worldwide.

Cross-section of students from Mass Communication Department of Kano State Polytechnic.

This year’s theme, “Radio: A century informing, entertaining, and educating,” reflects radio’s remarkable contribution to communication and information dissemination over the past century, despite the emergence of social media platforms.

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