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CITAD Celebrates 2023 International Software Freedom Day With Open Source Training

In its efforts to inspire next generation of programmers and developers, the Centre for Information Technology and Development (CITAD) has emphasized the importance of upholding the fundamental principles of software freedom.

Independent Mirror report that the Centre called the attention while training youths on Open Source Softwares which coincided with the commemoration of Software Freedom Day (SFD) 2023, held at their Kano office.

During the event, CITAD’s Technical Officer, Engr. Kamal Umar, highlighted that SFD is a global celebration of Free Software, aimed at educating the public about its benefits and encouraging its use.

According to Kamal, the training organized by CITAD was open to participants ranging from secondary to tertiary levels, with the goal of discovering talent in computer programming and software development.

Engr. Umar emphasized that Free Open Source Software empowers users to create, modify, and manipulate coding environments using various languages without incurring costs or infringing on copyrights.

Also speaking, Sani Ahmad Muhammad, a staff member from the School of Technology at Kano State Polytechnic, stressed the importance of acquiring skills in the modern world, highlighting that traditional school certificates are no longer sufficient.

He explained that with Free Open Source Software, individuals can achieve financial independence and even become employers in fields like software security, computer science, and IT.

Muhammad also emphasized the importance of website security for programmers and encouraged participants to share the knowledge gained during the training with their peers in schools and organizations.

Bello Sani, a seasoned software developer with 15 years of experience, expressed gratitude to CITAD for its timely initiative in commemorating Software Freedom Day through this training.

He noted that the training had provided both beginners and experts with access to Free Open Source Software, enabling them to pursue careers in software and website development without the financial barriers traditionally associated with professional growth.

The highlights of other activities during the event include: Award Presentation to outstanding participants, Keynote Speeches, Coding Hackathon, and Networking Opportunities.

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