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By Faruuq Umar Uthman

The ICT Career talk train had just concluded its sensitization classes at Secondary Schools in Guri and Ringim both in Jigawa State. They had hardly arrived back at CITAD, when they were told the next bus stop was Government Secondary School (GSS) Dawakin Tofa.

As part of its effort to promote the development of ICT knowledge in our Secondary Schools and encourage the choice of careers in ICT, the ICT career talk train proceeded to GSS Dawakin Tofa to sensitize its students on the 11th of February, 2009. The team from CITAD comprised of the Head of the train; Mal. Ahmad Abdullahi Yakasai, Mal. Yusha’u Sani Yankuzo, Mal. Umar Farouq Uthman and Mal Abdullahi Yakubu. After arriving at the School, they proceeded to the Dinning hall which was the venue of the event. The event started with an opening prayer by one of the students. The senior master who was the master of the event told the team to introduce themselves which they did one after the other. Mal. Ahmad, the team leader was then given the floor to do what he knows how to do best which is impacting knowledge into people. He then told the pupils the primary aim of them being here which was to sensitize them on the ICTs. He said people in the north complain of being left behind educationally, technologically and in welfare, he said we brought it on ourselves and also said there can be no sweet without sweat. Mal. Ahmad then went to talk about the importance of IT, how simple it is to be an IT Specialist and areas that computers could be used.

The lecture was generally an interactive, with the students contributing in the discussion. Questions were thrown to them and they did themselves and the Principal proud. Later on the computer parts were identified to the students and their functionionality also explained. One astonishing remark that caught my attention during the event was when the Senior Master said look at the way Mal. Ahmad was explaining, joking and teaching the students as if he is a teacher Mallam Ahmad of course is a versatile and experienced teacher who knows how to deal with pupils and also students.

Then came the time for the quiz, Mal. Yusha’u served as the Quiz Master. Three students were selected at random to answer questions and the successful ones were awarded prizes by the Quiz Master. That signaled the closure of the class.

The Principal; Mal. Dangyatuma Abdullahi then expressed his gratitude to CITAD for honoring his school with such a beneficial visit and prayed for their continued support. The Principal then went further by requesting CITAD of its assistance in training of some of its staff in Information Technology, and also that he was glad on the continual annual invitation of the School to its annual quiz competition. They also promised to take the first position since they took the esteemed position the first time they were invited, and that they have began training for the year’s competition. Mal. Umar then gave the concluding remarks on behalf of the CITAD team, while expressing his positive impression on the students who were very impressive during the class. He also promised to relay the Principal’s request to the Director of CITAD. The event was closed by a prayer from a student; Abdullahi Zubair.

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