INVITATION TO APPLY: Sustainable Enterprise Challenge Project in Kano State

Application Opening Date: January 12, 2024
Application Deadline: January 24, 2024
The Centre for Information Technology and Development (CITAD) with supported from the
British Council and Prince’s Trust International, is implementing the Sustainable Enterprise
Challenge Project in Kano. The project intends to offer training to 60 young people in Kano State.
The training programme aims to support young people with the practical skills, knowledge and
confidence to succeed as entrepreneurs and be employable. The training will cover Basic ICT
skills, Digital Entrepreneurship, confidence development, effective communication, critical
thinking, business ideation and development, financial management, marketing, and more.
Additionally, the participants will also be paired with mentors who would provide guidance and
support in building and enhancing their soft skills. At the end of the training, the participants
will have an opportunity to pitch their business ideas. Winners of the business pitch will be
given business support to help in actualizing their business ideas.
CITAD is inviting interested and qualified candidates to apply for the training, which will take
place between January and March 2024.

Prospective applicants should be the following criteria:
1. Nigerian youth aged between 18-35
2. Resident of Kano Metropolis or able to stay in the metropolis for the training period
3. Minimum qualification of Secondary Education or its equivalent
4. Befully available throughout the training period
5. Possession of a business idea that requires support for development
6. Willingness to undergo physical screening before the training
7. Commitment to adhere to all guidelines set by CITAD during the training process
8. Should have 0–1-year business experience
9. Must be able to communicate in English (both written and oral)
10. Note Youth who are in school and in employment are not eligible to apply
Women and girls within the age bracket are specifically encouraged to apply.
How to Apply:
Candidates interested in applying fill out the form below to complete their
application. Applications are open from January 12 to January 24, 2024.

This form is currently closed for submissions.

46 thoughts on “INVITATION TO APPLY: Sustainable Enterprise Challenge Project in Kano State

  1. This is so interested program.

    1. Khadija Abdullahi Habib says:

      Yes sir im interest

    2. It will help our youth and eradicate lack of self defence

    3. Yes is very interested and we will make sure we attend all the programs

    4. Umar Yusuf Abubakar says:

      Thank you for providing this programme to youth in Kano state.

    5. Zainab basheer says:

      Yes sir I am interested


  3. Grace says:

    I realised the space for the date of birth is incomplete, if you can, please correct it. I was unable to put my actual birth date because of the error

  4. Umar Adamu Uba says:

    It’s a welcome development


    Wish u Alla the best

  6. Thank you may Allah reward you

  7. Muhammad Lawal Ukasha says:

    CITAD is always an epitome of Tech that comes with the 21st century skills on the table

  8. Thank you may Allah reward you
    I’m interested

  9. Auwal Muhammad Sunusi says:

    Hello, please check the date of birth column it hangs at 2013 only and therefore doe’s not allow the form to be submitted since it is an asterisk, please check.

  10. Maryam Balarabe Dauda says:

    I pray I benefit alot from this program and may I be amongst the lucky candidates to be selected????

  11. Musa Lamido says:

    This is quite significant to many.

  12. Barira jibrin says:

    This program will make me be well oriented and I’m so interested

  13. Shafiu Abdulwahab says:

    This is very interesting program

  14. Yusrah abubakar lado says:

    I need your assistance

  15. Muhammad umar says:

    My god bless those that produce this program

  16. Tijani mariam says:

    I pray that you people will give me the opportunity

  17. Abubakar abdurrahman says:

    Glad to hear about this program.

  18. Sani Isiya says:

    Extremely excited to get such offer & I believe it will help us in shaping our future.

  19. This is so interested program

  20. Umar Adam Muhammad says:

    Wow, I have just submitted my application. I’m hopeful in getting this great opportunity, as it could be a life changer for me.

    I advise you to not think twice, just do it. Just apply now.

    Allah ya bamu sa’a, amin.

  21. Dayyibah Muhammad says:

    I will be glad to be among the beneficiaries

  22. Abdullahi Sama'ila says:

    Can’t wait to be on board, we really need more of this programs for their impact and opportunities.


    This program has a lot of merits,young adult comm on.

  24. Isah Tijjani says:

    This is nice program, and a golden opportunity that one can have. God bless you

  25. Sani inuwa says:

    We hope this program would enhance our businesses

  26. The programme is so interesting

  27. Anas Auwal Garba says:

    This is amazing program that will provide us with knowledge and skills to improve our business. I wish I would get shortlisted to be part of this interesting program.
    I wish lock to all my fellow aspirant, best regards CITAD.

  28. Ahmad Sani says:

    This program is a life changer

  29. Thank you so much for supporting our small business and making us proud may Allah blessed you with endlesss happiness thnk you so much once again

  30. Thank you so much for supporting our small business and making us proud may Allah blessed you with endlesss happiness thnk you so much once again thnk you thank you

  31. Abdullahi Auwal Haruna (BusyBrain, ????????) says:

    This is good

  32. Umar Yusuf Abubakar says:

    Thank you for providing this programme to youth in Kano state.

  33. Musa Salisu says:

    This is a great opportunity for the northerners especially people of Kano State.

  34. Muhammad Aliyu Umar says:

    So interesting program to our youth

  35. Hi my name is yusuf Umar from kaduna I used I’m studying in Kano university of science and technology as a student study biochemistry currently I’m in two hundred level

  36. Zubaida Hamza Muhammad says:

    What a very welcome development

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