Breaking Barriers: 13-Year-Old Invents Solar Panel, Putting Zaria on the Map

CITAD Radio founder, Engr. Y. Z. Ya’u, shared a recorded three-minute video of a young boy named Abdulhakeem, explaining how he invented a solar panel using old CD plates and foil paper.

After verifying the authenticity of the video, we embarked on a journey to Zaria, the educational center of the northern region. On Friday morning, CITAD Online Radio arrived in Kaura Quarters, in the ancient city of Zaria, located in the Zaria local government area of Kaduna State.

Zaria is one of the few local government areas in Nigeria that is home to various institutions, including universities, colleges, polytechnics, and other learning centers.

The purpose of our visit was to interview Abdulhakeem, a young junior secondary school student who invented the solar panel.

In a display of ingenuity and determination, 13-year-old Abdulhakeem Isma’il has invented a solar panel to bring light to his community in the Kaura Zaria local government area of Kaduna.

Abdulhakeem, a Junior Secondary School II student at Government Junior Secondary School Rimin Dako, dreams of providing a solution to the electricity shortages faced by his community.

In an interview with CITAD Online Radio, today Friday, Abdulhakeem shared the inspiration behind his invention.

“The idea of inventing this solar panel came from the acute shortage of electricity we face in our community,” he explained. “I went to the nearby market and bought old CD plates, foil paper, and plywood.”

Using twenty old CD plates and a bundle of foil paper, Abdulhakeem constructed a functional solar panel capable of harnessing the sun’s energy to generate electricity.

The young inventor detailed his process, highlighting the challenges he faced and overcame. “I had to figure out how to arrange the CD plates to maximize the absorption of sunlight. It took several tries and a lot of patience, but I was determined to make it work,” Abdulhakeem said.

While speaking, Abdulhakeem’s uncle, Malam Salisu Rufai Kaura, praised Abdulhakeem’s creativity and initiative.

“This young boy’s achievement is evidence of the potential within our youth. We are proud of Abdulhakeem and we call on the Kaduna state government, non-governmental organizations, and well-meaning individuals in Nigeria to support him in further developing his invention.”

One of the community members of Kaura, Abdullahi Usman, said the invention of Abdulhakeem caught the attention of many people from in and outside Zaria and will become an inspiration to his peers.

“Abdulhakeem’s solar panel invention is very commendable, and this will inspire his peers to develop their talents.”


Mr. Usman also called on the government and solar companies to support the inventor’s education to enhance his design and possibly develop more efficient, cost-effective solar solutions for rural areas.

Abdulhakeem’s invention comes at a critical time for many communities in northern Nigeria, where electricity supply is often unreliable.

His solar panel offers a sustainable and eco-friendly alternative, potentially transforming the lives of many residents by providing consistent access to light and power.

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