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Boko Haram: CITAD presents book to address corruption in counter-insurgency operations in Northeast


The Center for Information Technology and Development (CITAD) has presented a book to the stakeholder in the counter insurgency fight and general public to enlighten them on the effects of corruption on the insecurity in the Northeast, in its efforts to contrinute to ending the over decade-long insurgency.

Presenting the book titled:  “The Compromised State, How corruption Sustains insecurity in Nigeria and Context and Content in Hate Speech Discourse in Nigeria”, at the Ummah Center, University of Maiduguri, on Monday, Dr. Hassana Waziri said:  “The book is to enlighten stakeholders including the Borno government, Northeast Governors , Federal Government and also intimate the International Non- Governmental Organisations (INGOs), among others, that other challenges apart from attacks  are responsible for the prolonged Boko Haram insurgency”.

Dr Hassana Waziri from the Department of Political Science, who is also one of the authors of the book, said:  “There are issues exacerbating the lack of ability to contain the insurgency, which corruption is one of them. We looked at how corruption is fuelling the insurgency despite the efforts done by the stakeholders. So, they have to retrace their steps and restrategize in order to do way with some of these corrupt practices”

“In all sectors there are issues of corruption. For example, the Executive Governor of Borno State in most cases, go out himself to distribute food items to the IDPs, which is suspicious. This is on the government side. There is outcry from indigenous people who have the capacity to partner the NGOs that they do not partner with them, as they know their community better. The CSO too sometimes consider their personal or organisation’s interest rather than the interest of the beneficiaries”, Dr Waziri added.

The University don further said “some of the tradtional rulers who were engaged to see that the assistance get to the beneficiaries, give their families and relations , stressing that sometimes  even the common man who is not an IDP, claimed to be an IDP and collect what is neaant for them and  sometimes even traditional rulers are being short changed. So, corruption is in all sectors”.

Dr Waziri, therefore, recommended the book to all stakeholders so that they read, be aware and enlightened so that they can retrace their steps and restrategize to deal with corruption with a view to ending Boko Haram insurgency.

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