16th Twitter Chat on the Impact of Covid19 Global Pandemic on the Management & Control of Other Deadly Diseases: Steps Health Care Facilities Can Take To Prevent & Control the Spread of Covi19 from Unidentified Patients to Other Patients via Health Providers

In continuation of its educative programs on Covid19 in Nigeria, the Centre for Information Technology and Development (CITAD) held a twitter chat on the 2nd of June, 2020. The guest was Dr. Abdullahi Lawal Kazaure who is a Medical Doctor, he discussed on the impact of COVID-19 Global Pandemic, the Management and Control of other deadly diseases: Steps other Health Care Facilities can take to prevent and control the spread of COVID 19 from unidentifiable patients to other patients via health care providers. Doctor Kazaure made it clear that the Pandemic is real and highly infectious and contagious.


Explaining the situation, Doctor Kazaure said “looking at how critical the situation is, government are now easing the lockdown which there is need to put all preventive measures in place”. He emphasized on the need for government to ramp up the health care systems and enforce policies which will further limit the spread of the virus.

In the course of the discussion, he made some recommendation to government and health workers. Stating that there is need for government to provide functional Health care system, essential humanitarian materials and maintain water sanitation facilities at strategic locations. Also. Medical Professionals should pay attention to other deadly diseases and they should ensure to make diagnosis before administering medications.

He further went ahead to advise citizens to build their immune systems and always ensure all the preventive measures are taken into consideration.




Doctor @AKazaure what do you think we need to know about this pandemic; its consequences and danger associated with it as some states and even the FG started easing lockdown in their states? First and foremost we have to believe this pandemic is real, and very highly infectious and transmissible, It affects all people of all age groups and ethnicity, and even tho the mortality rates are lower than other pandemics recorded, it is still a danger Well Governments with easing lockdown is a measure for the country to move forward, because all over the world countries are easing and putting measures for their respective nations. This doesn’t mean it has been defeated, it is now the government’s responsibility to put in and enforce measures for prevention of the spread of this disease and also arming the health care system to be ready for the surge of this outbreak It is also our own responsibility to protect ourselves using measures such as social distancing, hand washing, and face masks while we continue our daily activities


But don’t you think this will set us back in this fight, because I have seen many articles by health experts saying that the time to reopen the country is not yet done? What is your take on this? Well this is important really, I believe this is not the right time for us to ease the lockdown, because the fight for this is far from over, but still from the government point of view they are thinking of their citizen livelihood So it is the duty of the Government to ramp up our health care systems and also enforce policies and guidelines which can further limit the spread of the virus, the vaccine is still in research and treatment is still vague, I believe a surge in amount of cases is still waiting


The COVID-19 pandemic is considered as the most crucial global health calamity of the century and the greatest challenge that the humankind faced since the 2nd World War


Doctor what steps do you think health facilities can take to ensure that Covid19 has not interfere with treatment of other deadly diseases in the country? Well it is the responsibility of Every doctor and every health official to have a high level of suspicion for every disease out, it is our responsibility not to only concentrate on Covid 19 but also keep an eye on other diseases, Health facilities should produce isolation rooms for patients, provide personal protective equipments, face masks, gloves, hand sanitizers to every health care professionals, provide lectures and screening procedures for patients, Liaisons with the appropriate agencies for prompt sample taking, patient transport,


The COVID-19 pandemic is considered as the most crucial global health calamity of the century and the greatest challenge that the humankind faced since the 2nd World War


The COVID -19 outbreak has already disrupted the global economy, and the demand for hospital care is exceeding the capacity of many nations’ health care systems


But we must not forget that other diseases of Public health importance are still out there such as Ebola, Lassa fever, Measles, Cholera, Cerebral Meningitis


These diseases you have mentioned, how do you think they can be controlled amidst this pandemic, don’t you think the over stressed of health facilities by the covid19 pandemic will lead to health facilities to neglect this diseases?


These diseases have to be still be in our minds, not only should we concentrate on Covid 19 but the other infectious diseases, Public enlightenment should continue on these other diseases, Health care facilities and professionals should not also forget to keep in their minds that this is not the only infectious disease we are having problem with, they should always have a broad mind in making diagnosis, and differentials, Even tho our health caste system is not optimum it is our duty to do our best from every perspective starting from the individual to the highest tier of the government Just yesterday there was a new wave of Ebola virus in DRC in which 4 patients died, there fore we most not relent in our active search for other diseases of public importance


Functioning health infrastructure is scarce, and the capacity to refer patients is extremely limited. With so many people already vulnerable to outbreaks of disease, essential humanitarian assistance must be maintained; water and sanitation facilities


Doctor (@AKazaure), what information do you have for people that are above the age of 60, patient with BP, Diabetes, pregnant women and other people with health problems that will make them more vulnerable to Covid19? In addition to them, the children, these are the immunocompromised patients, and have a higher rate of mortality when infected, these patient should absolutely follow the preventive measures and avoid public spaces, continue taking their medications, take on immune supplements Such as Vitamin C , fruits, leave a healthy life and not sedentary lifestyle, avoid smoke, and always be in touch with their respective specialists. Because they are the most vulnerable


In general, Doctor (@AKazaure), do you think our health facilities are capable of providing us with all the necessary support we need ? I have to say all healthcare professionals are trying their best to give you the support we can but we have a below par system, equipments are not enough for both the professionals and the patients, we are understaffed, our hospitals are not enough for the country And access to healthcare is not available to every individual to the community, for the rural communities health care is expensive to them, We don’t have enough doctors, nurses , technicians , but in general the available ones are trying their best to support


As the chat is ending in just 2 minutes, what general recommendations can you give based on the topic discussed


As the chat is ending in just 2 minutes, what general recommendations can you give based on the topic discussed? Individuals should follow the guidelines WHO have provided, Health care professionals should be proactive in recognizing and management of Not only Covid 19 but other diseases of public importance, and government to support all of us It is our duty as an Individual to protect ourselves and the duty of the Government to protect us, let us not be ignorant and try to help out each other to fight this war


We will be stopping shortly, we are wondering if you have more recommendations you want to share here, Dr. @AKazaure? All in General I want us to believe this pandemic is real, but it is not a death sentence when you are diagnosed, we should try as much as possible to exercise social distancing, wear our face masks, disinfectants should be used and pray for a cure or vaccine should be out soon It is also a wake up call for the government to improve our healthcare systems, because even the countries with the best health care systems were overpowered, and encourage more healthcare professionals.


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