Tree Planting in FCT Communities in Response to Climate Change, A Project Implemented by Action Aid Nigeria In Collaboration with Centre For Information and Development (CITAD)

Climate change is increasingly becoming a serious challenge to Nigeria’s socioeconomic development. Various manifestations of its impact are evident which include increase in drought, scarcity of food instigated by irregularities of rainfall and over flooding.

The tree planting exercise was initiated by Actionaid Nigeria in collaboration with CITAD to address the problems of climate change in the globe.

Agriculture and Food Processing Unit of Actionaid Nigeria initiated said it aim at sensitizing the public on the importance of trees in our environment and also to discourage indiscriminate falling of trees due to its attendant consequences,

The beneficiaries of the projects are communities in FCT in four Area Councils, Bwari, AMAC, Kwali and Kuje Area Council.The benefiting communities are Tungan Ashere, Passepa, Kilankwa, Jiwa Tsoho, Dakwa, Gwalada and Kayache. The beneficiaries of the tree were children with their parents as guardian. The children also gave a pet name to each tree for easy identification.

Four hundred and five (405) trees were shared among the communities; the variety of trees shared includes Oranges, Mangoes, Guava, Palm trees, SourSop and cashew trees.



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