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Report of Marai on the Marble Student Creativity Competition Organized by Centre for Information Technology and Development (CITAD), Held on 5th October at Wabi Academy, Jama’are, Bauchi State

As part of its effort of promoting educational development and revival of reading culture in Jama’are, the center for information technology and development CITAD, has organized a one-day student creativity competition Title “Marai on the Marble” on 5th October 2019. The competition is an inter-school competition that invites participation of both Junior as and Senior schools in Jamaare local government of Bauchi state.

The competition started with an opening prayer offered by Sarkin yakin Jamaare, Alhaji Sabo Likita. In his opening speech, Malam Ahmad Yakasai who represented the Executive Director of CITAD, Dr. Yunusa Ya’u stated the aims and objective of the competition. He also urged the participants to abide by the rules and regulation governing the competition while the program continued as scheduled respectively.

The number of participating schools from both junior and senior schools was seven which shows an increment of interest and participation of school from last year competition. The schools include:

  1. Government Arabic College
  2. Government Day Secondary School, Jama’are
  3. Hassan Muhammad Senior Secondary School, jama’are
  4. Wabi Academy
  5. C. Abubakar Junior Secondary School, Jamaare
  6. Ahmad Mohammad Wabi Junior Secondary School, Jama’are
  7. Jibwis Science School

The competition was chaired by the Education Secretary of Jama’are Local Education Authority, Mal. Zakariyya Jibril. He commended CITAD for its effort and engagements in promoting the revival of educational development in Jama’are through creating extracurricular activities initiatives like the competition.

The competition has four components which included:

  1. Debate
  2. Quiz
  3. Poem/ poetry
  4. Story telling


  1. Debates
  2. The debate has comprised three panels of judgesincluding Malam Muhammad Sani Abdullahi and Malam Aliyu Muh’d Nasir, both from Department of English, College of Education, Azare, and Salihu Abdullahi of Etrash2cash. Six schools took part in the debate where Hassan Muhammad Senior Secondary School Jama’are, Jibwis Science and M. C. Abubakar Junior Secondary School emerged 1st, 2nd and 3rd positions in the debate,Quiz

Seven schools took part in the quiz aspect of the 2019 competiton where each school supposed to answer 7 questions from the quiz set questions.  Wabi Academy answered 5 questions and earned 15 points, GAC Jama’are answered 4 question out of seven and earned 12 points, M C Abubakar answer 3 questions out of seven and earned 9 point,  Hassan Muhammad GDSS answered 2 question out and earned 6 point, Jibwis science also earned 3 points by answering only 1 question, while  Ahmad Mohammed Wabi earned 0 point by not answering any of the question asked.. At the end of quiz Wabi Academy, GAC Jama’are, and MC Abubakar Emerged as winners of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd postions respectively.3rd position respectively.

Story telling

Six schools took part in this event and MC Abubakar, Jibwis Science 2nd and GDSS Hassan Muhammad Emerged as the 3 winners of the 1st, second and the third position


Seven schools participated in this event where Jibwis Science Emerged 1st, Wabi academy 2nd, and GDSS Hassan Muhammad 3rd.

At the end of the event the schools were given the following prizes:

S/N Type of Competition 1st POSITION 2nd POSITION 3rd POSITION


DEBATES Television Set Handset Radio Set


POETRY Television Set Bicycle Hand set


QUIZ Television Set Handset Radio Set


STORY TELLING Bicycle JAMB Form Radio Set

The event was attended and witnessed by the following dignitaries:

  1. Alhaji Sabo Likita, Sarkin Yakin Jamaare.
  2. Zakariyya Jibril, Education Secretary of Jamaare Local Education Authority.
  3. Alhaji Kawu Chadi, Staff Officer of Jamaare Local Government whorepresented the Care Taker Chairman of Jamaare Local Government.
  4. Alhaji Aliyu Hanafari Representative Of Member Bauchi State House Of Assembly
  5. Alhaji Haruna Sabo representing Tafidan Jamaare
  6. Alhaji Hussaini Manu,a Prominent Teacher of the JamaareCommunity
  7. Alhaji Adamu Iliya


Success Story

  1. One of the interesting success stories from the 2019 competition is the increased number of participating schools compare to last year event which indicate increasing interest and commintments in promoting education in Jaamare.
  2. There are number of schools that tie up their belt and won lots of prices over the last year, eg GDSS Hassan Moh’d Did not won anything last year, but this year dominated the prices these shown that the competition has improved their readiness and reading calture of the entire schools.

Giving a vote of thanks, Malam Ahmad Yakasai thanked and appreciated those that donated to the event especially the Member House of Reps Alhaji basher Uba Mashema, Alhaji Member Bauchi state House of assembly, Sale Muhammed and Alhaji Musa Tukur who also donated who donated the sum of 20000 each, , Suleiman umar Imam and Anas Wada Ali Hanafari who both donated the sum of 10000, and lastly Alhaji Abdullahi Fatal of Maitama store. Malam Ahmad also presented commendation letters were also presented to the Panel of Judges.

Malam Isyaku Garba of CITAD offered the closing remarks where he thanked those that participated in the event for honoring the invitations and wished all safe journey Back home.

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