Report of Itas meeting on community networks


The centre for information technology and development CITAD have organized pair to pair meeting on 27th of june 2022 with some Itas youths Groups at Itas, Itas/Gadau local government area, bauchi state, to discuss matters concerning the community network project and other business related issues .

The meeting
The meeting had kicked up with very fewer participation, although alot have been discussed and meaningful advises were brought out.
It has began with seven (7) agendas as follows:

1) opening prayers – Volunteer
2) Purpose of the meeting – Muneeb Yusuf
3) Recap of the previous consultative meeting which has the presence of ED and CN project coordinator. Muneeb Yusuf & Gambo Idris
4) Request for patronizing with CITAD at international democracy day – Muneeb Yusuf.
5) structure of community network (CN) advocacy – All
6) AoB – All
7) closing prayers – Volunteer

Mal. Ahmad Abdullahi from CENTRE FOR ADOLESCENTS HEALTH AND RIGHT (CAHAR) opened the meeting with prayers wich was followed by the purpose of the meeting by muneeb.

Muneeb had stated that CITAD wants to create a cordial relationship with each and every youth groups/organization of itas community and all it’s neighboring community organization in order to make impact in the use of digital technology and it’s applicable.

He added that; “that is why centre for information technology and development (CITAD) and association for prograssive communications (APC) are always taking a heap steps forward in Connecting the unconnected communities by coming up with this project called community network, it has come to our notice that the federal government had a research anylisys that there are about 1.5 million people in Nigeria who doesn’t have internet connectivity and even access to network entirely.

Hence, we want you to be our counterparts in an advocacy and any possible way of actualizing this project of community network for the benefits of this community” he then at the end thank all those who make it possible to be present here today.

Alh. Gambo Idris (D.O) from CITAD board of trustees, had also spoke about structuring the community network (CN) advocacy, he made mentioned of opening an organizational bank account for Itas community network as first step forward, and he says “Itas CN might even request for loan from bank in actualizing this very project i.e(CN project) were necessary.”

He says there’s need of taxing ourselves to in order to fences our piece of land to show concern and a straight way forward for donors (local champions) to donate, because no one could be serious about donating if there are no any tangible progress towards the establishment so far .

CITAD is going to celebrate an international democracy day in itas this year, were muneeb had spoken about patronizing and publicizing the event as much as possible please. Yusuf Ahmad from itas youths associations (IYA) has advised to design a branded 👕
T-shirts with P-caps for that international democracy day, wich could be written “CITAD” boldly from the top back of that shirt and “International Democracy Day 2022” from the front, this will really make the appearance of the event condussive and will be very serious event.
He then says that who ever is interested in that attire shirt should pay and get, that could make it historocal and it will publicly speak it self and CITAD as a whole as the name implies.

During the AOB, Gambo Idris had also appeal that, any of the CITAD capacity building should now henceforth turn physically instead of virtual for what he calls better comprehending.

Lastly, Auwalu magaji who’s a media and publicity for Itas Youths association (IYA) had declare his stepped down from his position, because he doesn’t have smartphone, therefore he shouldn’t deserves to be residing in the position as it requires social media participation which could not be done with out standard smartphone.

Task and comitee.
1) Muneeb is given a task to go and investigate how much will it cost to open an organizational bank account in zenith and first banks, this is to be ready on or before 17th July, 2022.
2) Muneeb and Nuraddeen have also ask to draft an advocacy structure an calendar of it

3) Next meeting would be for only the executives of those youths Groups, before the general congress meeting on 17th July, 2022.
3) Everybody have agree on Mandate of monthly meeting wich should be at the end of each month.
4) Abdumumini Zakariya who is the program coordinator, itas youths association would bring a quotes of the branded 👕 T-shirts and caps.

Muneeb Yusuf
Technical assistant and CITAD-Itas Training officer

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