Report of 2-Days Workshop on Transforming Tech Ideas into Business by the Centre for Information Technology and Development On 31st January and 1st February 2023

 Report of 2-Days Workshop on Transforming Tech Ideas into Business by the Centre for Information Technology and Development

On 31st January and 1st February 2023

The Centre for Information Technology and Development organized a 2-day workshop which was held on the date of 31st January and 1st February 2023, with the attendance of 30 youths which included 10 females and 20 males.

The workshop started with opening remarks by CITAD executive director Engineer YZ Ya’u Represented by Engineer Kamal Umar says that the workshop was aimed to form a technology hub that paved the way for youth to showcase their talent and idea into reality, the use of technology to solve real-world problems needs proper utilization of technology and innovations, the first day of the workshop was facilitated by engineer Kamaluddeen Umar who discussed topic on using modern tech infrastructure in the health care system (E-Health), he demonstrated case studies on world health care system using the technological system. 

Abdulrahman Babatunde followed Engineer Kamal with his paper on climate change, Abdurrahman actively discussed with the participants’ different aspects of using tech tools to develop a solution in our country and the rest of the world solution in addressing the climate change issues. 

The participants were grouped into three segments (A, B, C), all the groups were tasked to discuss and come up with a proposed solution from their own perspective on using tech space to address current social problems in the healthcare system and climate change.

Also some of the participants/Facilitators exhibit their innovations, 

  • Khalipha Aminu: Unmanned aerial vehicle
  • Fatima: Gender violence reporting site
  • Fatima Abubakar and Aisha Abdullahi Nayayo: Grocery App
  • Abdulrahman Babatunde: Food security

Below are some Ideas provided by the group of participants in the first day of the workshop.

GROUP A An application that patients can order for drugs or any nearby pharmacy. Idea
GROUP B An app or platform that patient, pharmacist, doctor, admin, cashier can meet virtually. The patient can check the available doctor, pharmacist, admin and cashier to book an appointment.  Incubation
GROUP C An emergency application that users (patient) can locate or track available doctor or health officer (in the case of emergency) registered on the platform. The application will have a GPS tracking system so that the patient or user can locate the doctor. Idea
GROUP C Device that can alert and measure the amount of CO2 present in an environment or present in the atmosphere.

The second day was facilitated by Muhammad Bello Yahaya who discussed overview of Financial Technology, the evolution and the technology behind the application implementation, cashless policy it benefits to society and most especially in our Nigeria of today which we all experience the new CBN policy, and Suhail Sani (Agro Tech)

The participants were grouped again on the second day into three; they discussed some existing problems and how they can use technical ideas to solve the problems.

Below are the ideas provided in the second day of the workshop

GROUP A To create a small online banking system (transaction wallet) and organize advocacy via social media for other banks. Idea
GROUP C To develop an application or new system for paying taxi and tricycle drivers using QR Code. Idea
GROUP B GonApp: IoT Application that farmers can use to manage all the processes of the food chain.  Idea
GROUP C A device that can monitor farm conditions by measuring the amount of water present in the soil and whether fertilizer is needed for the soil or a part of the farmland. Idea

Next step by the executive director, citad Dr. Y. Z. Yau

We discovered that in Nigeria, a lot of youths engage in coming up with different technological ideas but in the long run, they leave and bury the idea. The aim of this workshop is to gather the youth who have ideas or can come up with ideas, visualize them with our tech officers and connect them to our networks for startup. Also, we understand that many successful techpreneurs abroad start with coming up with ideas and from the ideas they drive values to their community which at the end they start businesses through that.

We believe all of the ideas you came up with will be built up and turned into businesses. The tech hub is always open for you and you are encouraged to be coming here to work on your ideas. The next thing is that we are going to look into your ideas, help you visualize them and set up mentoring training on it.

On his closing remark, Malam Ahmad Yakasai advised the participants to drop the attitude of just attending the workshop and go, but to practice what they learnt from the facilitators.

Attached is the group picture of the workshop

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