Land Grabbing Workshop for Community Activists in FCT On Sustainable Livelihood Organized by Centre for Information Technology and Development (CITAD)



The challenge to livelihood and food security in FCT communities disrupts and threatens the sustainability of agricultural and pastoral production and invariably the sustainability of livelihoods of rural communities. Land grabbing have a direct impact on the lives and livelihood of the people by disrupting and threatening the sustainability of pastoral production and agriculture.

This issue reinforces circles of extreme poverty, hunger and destroys social status; food insecurity affects the most marginalized groups that include women and children. The livelihood structure, food security and wellbeing of farmers are threatened and compromised which contribute to poverty, food and nutrition insecurity and poor health of farming communities, and further escalation of conflicts.

Due to the marginalization and the land grabbing issue in FCT, Centre for Information, Technology and Development (CITAD) organized a five days virtual workshop which took place via zoom platform. The five ICT Centres (Dakwa, Tungan Ashere, Leleyi Gwari, Pasepa and Gaube) in FCT participated in the workshop with 25 community activists in attendance: 5 participants from each centre.

The 5 Day training became necessary due to frequent land grabbing that has become a major issue affecting the FCT natives; the aim is at designing campaign strategies to mitigate the menace of land grabbing.

Majority of the FCT natives are predominantly farmers and the issue with land grabbing had lead to some of them lost their lands and their means of livelihood.

Speaking at the virtual meeting, Mr. Thomas Edor discussed on the concept of Land Grabbing and FCT development plan.       According to him, all land in the FCT belongs to the government and land grabbing can be legal and illegal. He said land issues in Abuja is quite different from land in other states, land grabbing not does exist in Abuja according to some school of thought he said, but it should be noted that for you to go about the issue of land you need to consider and study the land use acts, land tenure laws, the pre-colonial, colonial and the post colonial land laws. He cited some examples of land grabbing issues in Rivers State and Borno States.

AbdulAziz Nasiru, he is a Building technology expert. He discussed on agencies responsible for land related issues in FCT and proper ways to acquire land in the FCT. Abdulaziz said for an individual to acquire land there is need to follow all the stages stipulated by law and land layout.

At the moment there is issue of double allocations of land in the FCT.

It was a rewarding and educative moment as representatives of youths from these communities and resource persons discussed on various topics, the activity ended with question and answers.





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