Abba Dukawa :

The Executive Director Centre for Information Technology and Development (CITAD) Engineer Y.Z Yau  has frowned  at government’s failure through the security agencies to tackle insecurity in the country,

Instead, he said, they seem to be in a debate among themselves as to who can offer the explanation of their failure.

According to him “we are all aware that  insecurity across the country has made no where in Nigeria a safe place in the country as Kidnapping, banditry and  violence have all become common place that peace is the only illusive constant.

Engineer Y.Z Yau made the observation at a press conference held at CITAD Kano office on Wednesday.

He observed that for government to curtail the insecurity, there is need for security agencies to increase the use of digital technology in terms of intelligensia sharing among agencies to upfront merchants of violence in the country .

” Re-equipping our army and intelligence agencies who have been underequipped through this approach, will help reduce the nation security challenges.

” If these criminals can  wage a campaign of terror and violence using Technology and intelligence, this means that government’s’ counter insurgency must also turn to be based on intelligence, but we have not seen this in the way that army and other agencies are prosecuting the campaign against insurgents.

Engineer Y.Z Yau  added  What government should adopt Technology and intelligence,  need to develop, through consultation , Use of Technology for Counter Insurgency Plan and Strategy, Identity and address connectivity  black spots in the country, especially within environments where bandits and insurgents are operating

The statement further explains
developing a full characterisation of insurgents, use of social media and track down their conversations using the identified markers and also need for internationally accepted standards, protocols for monitoring suspected insurgents

In doing these, he said,  government should not indiscriminately monitor citizens to trample and desecrate their right to digital privacy.

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