CITAD Tasks FG to Make Nigeria an ICT Producing Country

The center for information technology and development have asked the Federal government to make Nigeria an ICT producing country.

The center made the statement on Wednesday, 10th February 2021 after holding a one-day webinar on Local Content Policy in the ICT Sector. In  a communiqué issued by Malam YZ Yau, the executive Director of CITAD said Government should streamline its tax system to relieve small and media enterprises from the burden of multiple taxations, Malam Y Z Ya’u said the Government should lead in the campaign for the use of made in Nigeria ICT goods and services

According to him  Government and its agencies should patronize young innovators and developers to encourage them to grow and make the country globally competitive

The communiqué also called on State governments to ensure that their MDAs are compliant with the Local Content Policy and the need to further sensitize both government MDAs and the wider society about the Local Content Policy in the ICTs

He said To ensure the realization of the objectives of the National Digital Economy, the governments should formulate and implement a National Digital Inclusion Agenda to ensure that marginalized and vulnerable groups to have access to affordable ICT goods and services, including digital skills and training.

Malam YZ Yau added that the government should clarify its policies to allow for community networks to take root and flourish in the country as an alternative means for connecting unconnected communities

It also urges the FG to Establish a National Software Policy and Strategic Framework and enabling Act is imperative to promote and secure national digital IP

The statement added that the FG should Ensure that it develop 250,000 capacity of indigenous Software engineering capacities annually, and create 1,250,000 in 5 years and  Set up Software Engineering Institutes.

It also calls for the Creation of Software Development Clusters to grow employment opportunities for our Youth through the emerging Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), Digital Games, and Work from Home employment opportunity windows all over the world.

According to CITAD’s helmsman, the FG should  Create merger and partnership incentives for Software SMEs and Startups to build large capacities for global competitiveness, reduce national Software IP flight and benefit the Domestic economy.

According to him, the Government should Lead Nigerians from the front in the campaign to dispense with the persisting wrong perception that local PCs are inferior to imported foreign brands.

Must adhere strictly to the standards established by all regulatory bodies especially NITDA to develop and execute a Standard Level Agreement (SLA) with all MDAs for performance management.

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