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#KeepOurFemaleJournalistsSafeOnline is a campaign to raise awareness about privacy online and campaign for user-controlled encryption for users to be able to know that their communication is secure as well as against backdoor insertion.

The Objectives

The objectives of the initiatives are:

1- Build the capacity of targeted women journalists to safely use the internet (including privacy protection)

2- Raise awareness about safety and privacy online

3- Initiate some female journalists to join the campaign for digital rights and safety and privacy online for women


The initiative combines both capacity building and awareness raising. The capacity building responds to immediate need of contributing to keeping journalists safe by getting them to protect themselves and their privacy online while the raising awareness is reaching out to the wide body of journalists for them to appreciate the need to protect their privacy as critical component of their digital rights online.


The Keep Female Journalists Safe Online Programme consists of three components:

1- A two-day residential training on online safety and privacy: this training has the objective of building the capacity of the participants to protect them online both against gender harassment and privacy intrusion. The training would cover the following topics:

a.  Understanding online gender harassment

b.  Privacy online and its protection

c.  Identity impersonation and theft

c.  Phishing

e.  Personal points of perils on the digital eco system

f.  Incognito browsing

g.  Personal metadata and its management

h.  Feminist internet principles

i.  Building and managing strong passwords

2- A five-day mentoring session to be spread over four weeks: this component is to allow the participants internalised the skills impacted in the first phase, guided by a mentor. It is also a stage for them to explore in greater depth the topics covered by the first phase. The second phase consists of two components:

a.  Online presentations on certain themes usually of two-hour duration for a total period of 10 hours. Some of the themes are:

*Safe Communication

*Social Network Protection

*Encryption Strategies

*Digital Hiding

*USIGN Signals

*Browning using Tor browser

*Strategies on how one can protect self-online.

b.    Individual personal experiential presentation: each participant will make a learning presentation, drawing from personal experience on how they are able to respond to some privacy or other online challenges

3- Public awareness activities:

a.  The trained Journalists will organize meetings to raise awareness about safety online among their fellow journalists

b.  CITAD along with the participants will hold a one-day awareness raising activity on safety and privacy online. During this activity, participants will share various campaign messages on social media, hold online seminar on the subject of digital safety.

4-  Interested:

Interested persons could join the online training by registering from the link:

Register in advance for this meeting:


After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.


5-  Celebration of the Global Encryption Day 2021

In furtherance of our campaign for Encryption as a means for making the internet safer space, CITAD will be celebrating the Global Encryption Day 2021 on October 21 with two more activities:

a.  Radio Programme (you can tune to CITAD Online Radio on that day to listen to our educative discussion on the topic- link of radio

Register in advance for this meeting:


After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.)

b.   A workshop on encryption for civil society activists and journalists in Kano on why encryption matters for the work they do. If you are not in Kano , you can join the workshop online by registering at

Register in advance for this meeting:



After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing

information about joining the meeting.



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