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CITAD Distributes Teaching and Learning Resources to Shara Primary School

Despite the fact that government in Kano State made basic education free and compulsory,
many families in rural communities cannot afford necessities to keep their children in school.
Thank to support from the Centre for Information Technology and Development (CITAD)
facilitated the establishment of Shara Primary School in Sitti ward of Sumaila local government
and keep eyes on the progress of the school. On 31 st July, 2023, CITAD organized a high-level
meeting in Shara community with different stakeholders in education sectors especially around
Sumaila local government to mobilize action, ambition, solidarity and improve education access
for rural citizens in Shara community. During such meeting different stakeholders made
promises to join hands with CITAD and transform education not only in Shara community but
also in similar places like Shara in order to help rural citizens get better access to education in
the state.
In fulfillment of the promises made during the high-level meeting, Hon. Nura Iro Ma’aji Special
Adviser to the Executive Governor Kano State donated teaching and learning resources to Shara
Primary School to help the community achieve desired teaching and learning objectives and
help facilitated teaching and learning process. On 18 th January, 2024 CITAD organized an event
to formally presented the educational materials to the School Based Management Committee
(SBMC). At opening of the event Malam Labiru Musa, chairman SBMC Shara primary school
welcomed all to the meeting. He expressed his appreciation and acknowledged the effort of
CITAD in Shara community. He said that Shara primary school is the most recent school built in
Sumaila local government but attracted stakeholders’ attention with help of CITAD. He added
that their educational problem experienced in the community now with presence of CITAD
turned to be a blessing.
Mrs. Aisha Yusuf Umar, Supervisor Woman Affairs, represented Hon. Nura Iro Ma’aji at the
event. At her arrival in the morning, she engaged with the students in all the classes and
appreciated the performance of the students in literacy and numeracy subjects. Sagiru Ado
Abubakar drew attention of the community members on punctuality of the students, looking at
the first term examination report sheets of the students. Malam Sagir said that he noticed

absenteeism in all classes from the report sent. In view of this, he advised the school-based
committee to look at the performance and regularity of the students in sharing formular. Alh.
Alasan Mato, ward head of Shara urged the teachers to bear with situation while teaching in
place like Shara. He acknowledged their effort and urged them to add more
To encourage the students and promote feelings of pride, Malam Aminu Adam Yusuf, the
teacher recruited by CITAD to help and add onto the single teacher sent by the Sumaila local
education authority called on Lawisa Alhaji Dayyabu primary 1, Hauwa Garba primary 2,
Zuwaira Musa primary 3 and Abubakar Abdu also from primary 3 and presented set of books
and pencils to them.
In 2017, CITAD found that Shara community with population of over 3000 people including
about 600 school age children had no school and their children were not attending school
because the only school near them (at Matigwai) has to be reached by crossing a river which is
not possible during the raining season. Following a series of community consultations, the
community with help from CITAD, set up a community school under a tree in 2017. Much later,
in April, 2022 the state government approved the construction of a block of classrooms for the
Shara community. On 8th September, 2022 following the completion of the construction of the
classrooms and noting that, the state government did not post any teacher after the
construction project, CITAD voluntarily recruited a teacher in the person of Malam Aminu Yusuf
Adam Sitti to help manage the activities of the activities of Shara community school.

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