CITAD Advocates Use Of Non Military Approach To End Insurgency

The Centre for information Technology and development CITAD has unveiled a policy brief on propsects and challenges of non-violent resolution of insurgency in North-east Nigeria.

Unveiling the policy brief at CITAD, the senior programmes officer of the centre Isah Garba said they worked on the police brief using an emprical research.

He said the study worked on three North-eastern states that were seriously affected by insurgency which include Borno,Yobe and Adamawa.

Apart form those states Kano was also used as a learning ground for other states to emulate

He said the study took them not more than three months to conclude even with the advent of covid 19.

He said 95 percent of the respondents and  stakeholders agreed that dialogue should be the best approach to end insurgency.

According to Malam Isah Garba historical evidence has shown that there is no where in the world where military power only ends conflict and warfare.

He said the research conducted dealt wih the actors involved and the objective is using non-military power to end insurgency.

The senior programmes officer said critical stakeholders like the media are supposed to sale the idea to the government so that it can come up with a framework to end the insurgency using non military approach and for dialogue .

In a remark the  Kano state commissioner of police represented by ACP Uzairu Abdullahi said ending conflict using non violent approach is very important noting that the police force have been using it through community policing.

ACP Uzairu Abdullahi during the briefing newsmen

ACP Uzairu Abdullahi briefing newsmen

Uzairu Abdullahi said with the community policing being intensified insurgency will definetely come to an end.

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