Adopt Non-Violent Approach to Solve Insurgency “CITAD Charges Govt”


Centre for Information Technology (CITAD), has charged the Government on the need to adopt Non-Military or Non-violent Approach and embrace dialogue method in addressing the problem of Insurgency in North East Nigeria.

The Center made the call on Thursday during a public presentation of it’s policy brief on Prospects and Challenges of Non-violent Resolution of Insurgency in North East Nigeria.

The Centre’s Senior Program Officer, Isa Garba said the call became pertinent considering the outcome of a research in the three most affected States of Borno, Yobe and Adamawa devastated by the activities of Boko Haram insurgent group with Kano which the Centre consider a learning ground for other state to learn from how it dealt with the Insurgency in its area.

He said, the research was carried out using three methodologies which include; Key Informant Interview (KII), Focus group Discussion as well as Desk review to come up with the inperical reuslt which suggests a better and alternative way of addressing Insurgency and other conflicts in the country.

According to Garba, the actors and key stakeholders such as repentant Boko Haram Members, Representatives of Security Agencies, the Civilian JTF, Women, Youth and Traditional Institutions, uninamously agreed that the Non-Violent Approach be employed by the Government in tackling the issue of Insurgency to minimize further damages and loss of lives on the part of all concerned.

The Program Officer further stated that results from their findings indicate that major Actors involved in the fight against Insurgency with the exception of a few are also advocates of the Non-Military or violent approach hence, the need for Government to change its tactics in tackling the issue which has lingered on for so long.

That History has shown, no country in the world had successfully resolved its conflict(s) using only military approach without dialogue and discussion and it is ideal that the Nigeria Government begin to give it a trial.

ACP Uzairu Abdullahi who represented the State Commissioner of Police CP Habu Sani stressed that the Centre has done a commendable job which is in line with CP Habu’s police of Community Policing which involves dialogue which has led to increase in peace enjoyed in the State.

He said it is true you can’t fight violence with violence but that doesn’t mean the Nigeria military and other security agencies are not able to bring to an end the Insurgency using the military might but it is only logical the country consider the outcome of the research by CITAD.

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