51.7 Per Cent Female in Higher Institution Students in Kano Suffers Sexual Assault, Says Report

Centre for Awareness on Justice and Accountability (CAJA), has revealed that more that half population of female students studying in higher institutions in Kano suffered one form of sexual harassment from male academic and non academic staff.

Executive director of the Centre, Kabiru Saidu Dakata disclosed this during a virtual conferences organized by Centre for Information Technology and Development (CITAD) on sexual harassment in higher institutions.

The three hours discussion held on zoom dissected issues around “Knowledge Production Dialogue Series Between Knowledge Production and Body Abuse: Debating Sexual Harassment in Knowledge Production Centres Confirmation in Kano”.

Kabiru who raised concern over the soaring rate of sexual abuse, revealed that recent survey conducted by the centre across universities, polytechnics and colleges of education in Kano, indicated no less than 51.7 percent of female students have suffered some form of assault, abuse or outright rape in the hands of their academic and non-academic staff of their institutions.

According to him, ” Outcome of the survey indicated 45 percent physical touch or kiss by lecturers, 36 percent vocal request for sex from female students, 10 percent actual sex and 6 percent of rape. We also have percentages for cases of mutual resolution, no evidence to validate allegation and those on investigation”.

Although, the CAJA director affirmed circumstances where female students approach their male lectures for assistance, he regretted how lecturers usually take cheap advantage of students weaknesses to offer sexual commodity in exchange.

He also cited lack of effective channel to report case of sexual, inadequate security to protect students and absence of enabling laws to genuinely punish perpetrators of the heinous act as major predicament why rapists would never repent.

” Sexual assault and sometimes rape will continue in our higher institutions especially in Kano where we had our survey, for reasons I will advance. There is no proper and effective communication channel where student can safely report cases of assault.

” In some cases when the school authorities announced that we have set up a committee to look into an open case. You will realised the committee will take several months to ramp up their investigation and at the end of the day, is either the case is resolved amicably without justice or everything is buried.

” Also we find out that security in our schools is not very effective to secure female students. You will also realise that our legal instrument lack the strength to severely met our punishment against rapists, such that will serve as deterrent”.

Communication officer of CITAD, Ali Sabo stressed that the centre is advocating enabling laws to addressing the increasing trend in sexual assault on female students in Kano.

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