42nd Twitter Chat with Ibrahim Nuhu on Health Workers Efforts to Living New Normal Amidst Covid-19 Held on The 1st Of September, 2020.

Centre for Information Technology and Development (CITAD), held its 42nd Twitter chat on the 1st of September. The guess was Ibrahim Nuhu a Health Professional and Program Coordinator, CITAD. He discussed on Health Workers Efforts to Living New Normal Amidst Covid19.

He started by talking about the New Normal with regard to COVID 19 Pandemic is looking into the way health professionals are recovering from the depth of challenges imposed by the virus and regaining back to normal working conditions and how difficult the situation was and many health professionals suffer from one form or the other ranging from the fear of stigmatization and economic loss, also the strikes in which unions embark on amidst the need of their Services by the public in some states, it reached a point where health professionals are avoiding to show themselves to the public and the government were not showing rightful concerns over their status, which he said led to threats where families and friends are afraid of coming close to us especially after work.

He was asked that during the early days of this pandemic there were a lot of fears among the citizens, as a health worker how did you manage that with your family & friends? He said we tried to manage that through counselling and awareness to our families for them to know and understand the real situation and accept it.

He added that all the health professionals are giving the fullest to care, prevent, cure, rehabilitate the victims of COVID 19 but the living status of us is not being recognized by the authorities, but now as we begin to resume to our normal life the situation is changing from the side of health workers and the government at all levels despite the challenges on ground.

He was asked on what measures they are putting in place to ensure the safety of their colleagues and general public. He said The measures they take are using the guidelines protocols given by NCDC like social distancing, using protective devices and frequent hand washing to avoid cross infection of the virus and with the New Normal they are advocating for wages increase, provision of PPE from side of the government and favorable working environment so as to get motivated and face the challenges squarely, Also they equally request government to recruit more health professionals in order to breech the gap of those we lost during the pandemic.

In conclusion, he recommended that, People should always abide by the NCDC protocols like using face marks in public spaces, washing hands frequently and Health workers should also use PPE at work and take good care of their clients with no discrimination.

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