Capacity Building, Digital Inclusion, Digital Livelihood Programme


The Digital Livelihood for Young Women is a Centre for Information Technology and Development (CITAD) initiative. It is designed to provide ICT training and marketable skills for young women. The curriculum includes training on blogging such as WordPress, the use of graphic apps for events, weddings, etc. digital video and photographic applications, mobile phone/GSM applications for micro-enterprises, and other applications. The training is intended to equip young women with practical ICT training and the use of ICT tools that will empower young women to work in the ICT industry and to start up Micro-enterprises that will add value to their communities. The long-term goal is to boost Nigerian women’s capacity to actively participate in and to grow the Nigerian economy and to also change ages – long tradition of women being economically dependent from their parents’ hands to their husbands’ hands. It is implemented by CITAD Bauchi through support from Equal Digital Skills Fund

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