18th Twitter Chat with Doctor Abdulrahman Bello, Medical Officer, Maitama District Hospital

Now that Covid – 19 changed the registers we use daily to some limited words; isolation, PPEs, face mask and ventilators among others, Covid – 19 is continually becoming a daily routine on news headlines, bill boards, all media platforms and the prime prior concern of all the countries across the globe. Government of all nations, philanthropies and nongovernmental organizations stood firm in in developing strategies that will curb the spread of the pandemic looking at the adverse negative effects this deadly pandemic has on the world economy and the general livelihood of the people.

It is to this end that our organization, the Centre for Information Technology and Development (CITAD) which has ICT as its core mandate comes up with series of initiatives mostly ICT – related in its bid to support all other relevant stakeholders in the fight against Covid – 19. One of these initiatives is a twitter chat series that comes twice every week.

This week we hosted Dr. Abdulrahman Bello, Medical Officer, Maitama District Hospital who discussed on – Responding to Health Impact of Covid – 19: How will Covid – 19 Transform the Nigerian Health System Delivery. In the course of his conversation, he discussed in depth the deltas and plus of the government response in the fight against Covid – 19.

Questions and contributions were entertained as well.

Below is the copy of the chat as appeared on twitter timeline.


Dr Abdurrahman Bello (@thablu2th), how would you describe the response to #COVID19

Pandemic by different actors?

How effective or otherwise has the response been so far particularly from the healthcare delivery perspective?


  1. Good afternoon! The response has been coordinated well. Noticed an increase in level of response from our Healthcare agencies and personnel in terms of awareness, diagnosis and prevention methods.


  1. Good afternoon! The response has been coordinated well. Noticed an increase in level of response from our healthcare agencies and personnel in terms of awareness, diagnosis and prevention methods.


  1. Which of the prevention method do think is good for the people living the rural area, so that when you to them we sensitize them.


  1. Simple basic hand washing technique. Water, sanitation and hygiene. It goes a long way as a preventive strategy. Use of face masks and reporting any suspected case to any nearby health facility


  1. Disposable (non-medical) mask, kn95 mask, N95 mask. We can do business from high price to high price and accept customization. There is no limit to the quantity, because we are factories.

What should be the future plans by government and private sectors to provide adequate health facilities to curb the spread of COVID 19 and any diseases that may pop up?


  1. Develop a framework where all aspects of healthcare provision will key in especially access to PHC as it is closer to the populace. Healthcare financing is the key also in terms of budgetary provisions


  1. What were some lapses initially observed in Nigeria’s response to the pandemic?


  1. Closure of borders and ban on gathering in public spaces was not done immediately.


  1. Dr what are the impacts of Covid19 to health sector particularly in Nigeria?


  1. Well,the COVID19 situatn has exposed some of our vulnerabilities.

At the same time,Govt has stepped us in various ways to help the situation. Interventions by the CBN to improve the sector with 100billion Naira health care fund at low interest rates.


  1. And do you think the money injected by CBN is enough and will be used for the purpose it has been released?


  1. As a start, it’s enough. Main important issue is people to come up and request for loans dedicated for such purpose. It’s an intervention fund created by the CBN.


  1. But the issue is why there be interest on the loans when other countries are helping their citizens and SMEs with

capital (free) in order to get them back to their feet we are here giving loan with 5% interest @cenbank


  1. That should be an angle to explore. Interest free loans provided by Govt to start up healthcare industry.

These factors I think depends on the strength of the economy


  1. @ICTAdvocates: @thablu2th, In your own opinion what are the strategies to put in place to reduce infection of health workers with COVID


  1. Provision of readily available protective equipment. Provision of standard face masks which are scarce.

Development of management algorithms in terms of seeing a patient and referral system

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