PCNI Awaits Resilience Experts

The Presidential Committee on North East Initiative, (PCNI), is ready to anchor the process of reconstructing the region on a policy package experts have prepared. The committee says this is because resilience has become the key issue before, during and after the insurgency. In apparent reference to the ‘bouncing forward’ slogan which measures autotelic subjectivity resilience thinking aims at in security practice, Alhaji Tijani Musa Tumsah who spoke when editors of the new book on community resilience in the context of Boko Haram said the resilience architecture in both the book and the promised policy briefing were bound to be tremendously helpful. “We look forward to the policy briefing”, he declared, assuring that the PCNI would further publicise the book.  Pledging unremitting willingness for further collaboration, Alhaji Tumsah praised the CITAD for its commitment as well as the depth of its resources in relation to the issues involved in the Boko Haram crisis. He expressed his satisfaction with being at the Policy Dialogue held by CITAD in Gombe, saying that from there, he made his conclusions.

Mallam Y. Z Ya’u, the Executive Director of the Centre for Information Technology and Development, (CITAD) who made the presentation on behalf of the two other editors of the book had told the Vice-Chairman that their research could assist PCNI in terms of the determinants of resilience and that grounding the reconstruction task on such evidence was the only guarantee for restoration of normalcy. He added that it is in the same vein they have prepared a policy briefing which they plan to submit to PCNI, pointing out how sure they were that the briefing provides organisations intervening in reconstruction the nature of what are needed to do so.