Employability Programme in Kano

The employability programme began in Kano 5th May 15, 2008 with 124 trainees. Who have satisfactory attended the five –days work-shop organized by the LEAP Africa, and delivered at the Auditorium Hall, School of Technology Kano.

The training which is to be provided by the Centre for Information Technology (CITAD) has been categorized into three: The first category is for the trainees who are totally not computer literate, and therefore, must under go a basic certificate in Information Technology (CIT) in this category there are one hundred (100) who are currently undergoing the CIT programme. To ensure the successful conduction of the CIT, CITAD has divided the 100 trainees in to four groups of 25 trainees each. Group “A” is the morning session starting from 9-11am, Group “B” is the afternoon session beginning from 2-4pm, Group “C” is also an afternoon session starting from 11-01pm, while Group “D” is the last, beginning from 2-4pm  every Monday to Thursday respectively.

The  next category for the trainees who are already computer literate but wishes to extend their knowledge.Centre for Information Technology and Development has identified 24 trainees who satisfactory been place either in Diploma Information (DIT) or Diploma in (DCMR). Out of these 24 trainees 14 are currently undergoing the DIT programme while the remaining 12 are receiving the DCMR training. Like the CIT trainees, the DIT and DCMR trainees, receive their training four days a week (mon-thursdays). The morning session begun between 9-11am and is for the DIT trainees while the evening session beginning from 4-6pm is for the DCMR trainees.

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