The Centre for Information Technology and Development (CITAD), in
collaboration with the organization Build Up and with support from GIZ
Nigeria, a German development agency, recently conducted a 3-day
ideation workshop on Digital Peace Building. GIZ Nigeria focuses on
various projects in Nigeria, including sustainable economic development,
renewable energy, governance, peace, and security.
The objective of this workshop, which took place from 11th to 14th
September 2023 at SV Chrome Hotel Abuja, was to develop a joint plan for
participatory action research. The goal was to scope and design a digital
conflict transformation approach that aligns with the programming of both
CITAD and Build Up. The workshop served as a structured conversation
between CITAD and Build Up.
On the first day, the project was introduced, and the teams from Build Up
and CITAD familiarized themselves with each other. They explored
different approaches to digital peacebuilding and digital conflict by studying
the content of Build Up Digital Peace Building Guide document.
The second day focused on identifying the collaboration method between
CITAD and Build Up. They used the Digital Peace Approaches to design a
work plan that will guide their partnership. The plan includes scoping and
designing processes, as well as identifying a concrete research output. The
short-term target is to complete these tasks between September 2023 and
January 2024, after which they will explore a long-term partnership.
Below is the group picture of the participants at the workshop:

Digital peace building research with support from GIZ